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Guy Fired While On Medical Leave, Exposes Restaurant’s Violations and Gets It Shut Down




  • A Reddit user named Furry Controls shared how he was wrongly terminated from work by his “power hungry” manager.
  • He needed to take an emergency medical leave but was surprised to find out upon his return that he’s already been fired.
  • He got back at them by having the place shut down by reporting several violations.

How would you react if you’ve suddenly been fired by your boss while you’re on a medical leave? That sounds terribly unfair, right?

One guy experienced exactly that and instead of simply ranting on social media, he made it a point that he eventually had the last laugh.

In a lengthy Reddit post, we learn that user Furry Control has been working at a “well-known breakfast chain” for about three years. During a shift, he suddenly “fell very ill” as he suffered extreme abdominal pain. He immediately asked his manager for permission to go to the hospital but her response was shocking – he was told he’d be fired if he left.

To cut the long story short, he ended up getting hospitalized for two weeks and while he did keep the manager posted about his condition, he was accused of faking it all and so he got terminated from his job.

As if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant worker also shared how much he has been treated badly over the years – such as working long hours and getting ridiculously low salary for his efforts.
But like we’ve mentioned earlier, Furry Control did his best to make them pay.

You can read the whole story here:

Furry Control’s post eventually went viral and even got featured on BoredPanda. And as with most things viral, it attracted mixed reactions not only in Reddit but from netizens everywhere.

For example, some doubted the legitimacy of the story so the Redditor provided photos of the dirty restaurant for their reference.

As for those questioning him about why he only reported the restaurant’s violations after he was fired, he only replied with:

“I feel bad but I needed the job, couldn’t risk losing it.”

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