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No Can Opener? Here’s How You Can Still Open a Can!





In the event of a natural disaster, zombie apocalypse, or anything else that requires you to hoard food supplies and camp out in a safe place, canned goods are heaven-sent items. Food stays fresh and edible for a long time and when you need to eat, all you have to do is open it and presto!

But wait…what if you actually forgot to keep a can opener?

Okay, there’s no need to panic. You can still open that using a spoon or chef’s knife. If you still don’t have these two, then good old fashioned concrete will do.

Using a spoon

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You will need a sturdy spoon and strong wrists for this one. Use your fist to grip the spoon tightly and rub spoon’s tip repeatedly along the edge of the can’s lid. The aim is to thin the metal with the repeated motion and puncture a hole through the metal.

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You may also use a butter knife or screwdriver for this technique.

Using a chef’s knife

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Use your thumb to hold the knife’s handle firmly on the flat of the blade. Position your thumb just above the blade’s heel. Insert the heel into the can’s groove, which is at the very edge of the rim. Firmly push the heel downward in order to puncture the can. Repeat this around the can’s lid until you open the can.

Using concrete

No spoon or knife? Look for a concrete surface! Rub the top of the can against hard concrete to wear the rim. This will take a lot of patience but it’s better than not eating. When you see moisture on the lid, squeeze the can itself until the lid pops off. You need lots of strength to make this happen but again, it’s better than not eating.

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