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Here’s How You Open A Can Without Using A Can Opener

Knowing this little skill can make a huge difference when it comes to survival. Watch!


Imagine going on a camping trip, tired and all after getting to your venue and setting your stuff up. You then hungrily reach for your canned foods and then you suddenly make the shocking discovery that you left your can opener at home! You check your pocket for your trusty Swiss knife isn’t there either.

Do you scream to the heavens in frustration? Apparently, such a traumatic experience shouldn’t mean the end of the world for you. I’m stretching here, of course, but you get the picture – not having a can opener can be a big hassle.

In a video entitled “How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20,” these two guys show us exactly how it’s done.


In a YouTube video uploaded by Crazy Russian Hacker, we learn that there is actually a way to open a can without using a can opener at all. How is that even possible, you ask? Well you gotta check out the clip below!

For this trick, all you will need is a rough surface and your bare hands – no knife, no whatsoever.

Watch the full hack here:

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After watching this, I frankly felt amazed that doing this was so simple after all. I’m keeping this in mind so I can impress my friends next time around! Kidding aside though, knowing little skills like this can make a huge difference when it comes to survival.

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