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You’ve Been Threading Needles Wrong Your Whole Life





One of the most difficult parts of sewing is pushing the thread through a needle. It’s always such a challenging thing to do and you need precision to get it done right.

You don’t have to be a genius to thread a needle. All you need to do is to successfully pass the thread through the tiny hole of the needle. Frustrating? Yes, of course, but that’s the only way we know how to do it. However, a recent viral video has stunned a lot of people and showed us all that we’ve been threading needles wrong all our lives.

You see, this method is a quick and easy way to thread a needle and it doesn’t require countless trials and errors. And it’s also ridiculously simple, that you’ll actually be enraged that you didn’t know about it sooner.

The video shows that all you have to do it so place the thread flat in your palm, then roll the needle back and forth and voila!

Seems pretty easy, but it works! Imagine the amount of time you could have saved if you only knew about this earlier.

Twitter user first @JohnBick4 shared the video from a crafting site, captioning it, “That awkward moment you realize you did it wrong your whole life.”

The post has been blowing the minds of everyone who sees it, including Matthew A. Cherry, who retweeted and captioned the post: “What type of sorcery is this?”

Watch the video here:

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Netizens couldn’t help but comment after learning about the impressive hack.

“I have been sewing since over 50 years now… and had never seen this !! thank you, never too late to learn!!!” one commenter said.

“This is what social media should be about. People sharing helpful ideas about what they actually know,” another wrote.

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