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7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Chest Wrinkles

I’m doing #2 tonight.

Aging is a beautiful thing. Not only do you become a tougher and wiser human being, but you have most likely found and perfected the daily routines that fit your unique lifestyle. However, not all daily habits benefit our health and bodies to the fullest.

While wrinkles can develop on any part of your body, decolletage wrinkles (or chest wrinkles) can be especially distressing and difficult to prevent. Because the skin on your upper torso is sensitive, thin and delicate, this area is especially susceptible to the signs of aging.

Still, there are some ways you can do to iron out chest wrinkles.

1. Develop a habit of sleeping on your back.

Sleeping on your side or resting on your belly can make your skin fold which is one of the reasons you can develop wrinkles. To avoid this, sleep on your back and make it a habit. You can train yourself by placing a pillow below your knees to help keep you in the same position, or by putting two pillows on both sides of your body. Plus, you get a big bonus: You’ll also avoid saggy boobs with this trick!

2. Pamper yourself with a homemade chest “mask.”

Relax and soothe yourself while you get an instant chest rejuvenation with a simple aloe vera chest “mask.” Cut one thick aloe vera leaf, remove the skin surrounding it, and apply the inside gel to your chest for 20 minutes. Aloe vera seals your skin’s natural moisture, so it doesn’t dehydrate and crack easily. This treatment will prevent wrinkle formation and make your skin glow.

3. Don’t let hot water splash directly onto your chest in the shower.

This is a bad idea because high water temperatures wash away the skin’s natural oils leaving it dry, and facilitating the appearance of wrinkles. Doing it directly onto your chest skin will only advance the process. So, instead, let it fall down naturally from your shower onto your head, shoulders, back, etc.

4. Give your boobs a workout to strengthen the muscles with a few push-ups.

If your chest muscles are fit, then the skin is less prone to sag and become a victim of gravity. Tighten your muscles and skin by doing a simple workout. You can do 20 push-ups daily before taking a shower and let this little workout help you defy the aging process on your chest.

5. Wear your actual bra size to minimize skin folding and wrinkle formation.

If your boobs are resting in their correct natural position with a supportive bra, your cleavage won’t suffer from being dragged down by gravity. You’ll also minimize the friction on your skin. This means smoother skin and less visible wrinkles.

6. Give your skin the gift of oxygen by massaging your chest.

Chest massage stimulates blood flow to the area, filling your skin with oxygen, and keeping the aging process from showing. Place some moisturizer on your fingers, slide them over your chest, and press softly in circular motions. Focus on the chest area and around your breast. This is a great way to have some me time, relax, and maintain your skin’s health.

7. Don’t neglect your cleavage when applying sunscreen.

Getting too much sun allows UV and UVB rays to penetrate your skin deeply. This quickly damages the skin on your chest because it is highly sensitive, and so, it accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. To help prevent this, apply sunscreen daily with an SPF higher than 30, just like you do with your face.


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