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7 Movie Skills That Can Actually Help You Big Time

It is really handy to know a thing or two.

Almost everyone of us loves watching movies, though we may differ in terms of the genre we prefer. In some instances, the movie is so great that we cannot help but think of putting ourselves in the shoes of the characters. What if we are the ones on a handcuff? How can we find a way to free ourselves?

Truth is, this kind of scenes are likely to happen in real-life. But no matter how unexpected they can be, it is best that you are prepared.

We here at Elite Readers have come up with a list of movie-like tricks that can help you bail out even in the most dangerous of situations. Perhaps you will survive just like your favorite movie characters. Check them out below!

#7. Getting Handcuffs Off With a Match

Believe it or not, a single matchstick is enough to get off a pair of handcuffs. Just slightly flatten it using your teeth and stick it right into the hole (see image). And poof! You are off to go!

#6. Hiding Valuable Stuff

It is always important to keep valuable stuff (e.g. money, documents, etc.) hidden. Fortunately for you, there is a simple way to do it and all you need is a hammer, chair, rubber bands, and some nails. Here is how to do it: Flip the chair upside down and hammer the nails into the chair (do this in a form of a box). Be sure, however, to slightly bend the tips of the nails. Afterwards, stretch the rubber bands as you can see in the picture. You can then slip your money right underneath it.

#5. How to Get Out of a Zip Tie Handcuffs

If you can get off a pair of handcuffs, then doing this trick should not be an issue. The trick is to lift your hands above your head, and try to quickly pull them down (though your arms must be widely open at the same time). It might cause you some pain but it is totally worth it.

#4. Sending a Secret Message

Back in the days, people relay messages using a raven. This one here kind of works the same but the execution is slightly different. Write your message on a paper using a white crayon. At first, it will look totally blank. If someone wants to read it, he/she will just have to simply cover it with a marker. Voila! The message will instantly appear.

#3. Setting a Monitor on Your Door

It is really a great to have a way to check if someone gets inside your house, and this one here is exactly what you need. There is no fancy gadgets whatsoever. All you need is a tape and some string. Simply tape the string so it hangs slightly above your door. When a person opens or closes it, the string will get stuck between the door and the threshold. Now it is up to you to find safety.

#2. How to Create a Coded Message

There is a reason why some people love to use coded message. And if you think it is a difficult thing to do, then you need not to worry. Here is how you can do it by using a simple reflect method. All you have to do is write all the letters starting from A to M (do this in a single line). Underneath the letters write the letters N to Z. The trick is to change each letter of your message to the opposite letter of the two lines. For instance, “Hello” will now become “uryyb.”

#1. Waterproofing Matches

Whether you love hiking or not, you know that matches are of huge importance. But what if these matches are wet? I am pretty sure you will not be able to make a fire, right? Actually, not. There is a way to make them useful even when wet. Just paint these matches with nail polish or, much better, wax. You can either paint them from head to toe or just the tip.

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