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2019 May Be The Hottest Year To Date Due To El Niño And Global Warming

The forecast for 2019 would place it among the five warmest years on record.






After the cool breeze of December, it seems that we’re going to quickly shift into wearing our summer outfit as forecasters warn that 2019 is expected to be one of the hottest years of all time. This is a result of a possible El Niño event worsen by man-made global warming.

Global temperatures have continued to rise, and it appears that it’s not going to drop anytime soon. The past four years have been the hottest on record, and the 20 warmest have occurred in the past 22 years.

The Met Office has revealed that 2019 will be one of the five hottest years ever recorded.  It says that global temperatures may reach 1.10C.

Dr. Doug Smith, one of the Met Office researchers, said:

“The forecast for 2019 would place next year amongst the five warmest years on record, which would all have occurred since 2015.

All of these years have been around 1C warmer than the pre-industrial period.”

El Niño is a part of a routine climate pattern. It is linked to periodic warming in sea surface temperatures. The El Niño phenomenon can last anywhere from 4 to 16 months, and it typically has a warming influence on the global temperature.

Professor Adam Scaife, head of the long-range prediction at the Met Office, said:

“Our forecasts suggest that, by the end of 2019, 19 of the 20 warmest years on record will have occurred since the year 2000.”

Experts have cautioned of the need to take quick action across society to start to bring down emissions rapidly. This effort is to keep away from the most noticeably terrible effects of climate change. We all know that prevention is the key. So if we can’t stop it, we should just try and prevent it.

Although they are not ready to confirm it yet, experts say that it is certainly possible that 2019 may be the warmest year on record,

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Egypt President Calls Out Migrants Refusing To Integrate In Europe

“Don’t expect them to open the door for you so you can go into their country and cause trouble.”

Nobelle Borines



The president of Egypt is calling out migrants who are heading for Europe yet refusing to integrate into the countries they are moving to. The world leader declared that they should abide by their new home's laws and culture, and anyone who isn't willing to do that should stay where they are.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi recently spoke out at a World Youth Forum in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. The president addressed migrants and their refusal to adhere to traditions of the countries they move to. In addition to that, al-Sisi called for people of countries like Afghanistan to take care of their own homeland first.

Al-Sisi didn't mince words when he addressed the migrant crisis.

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Criticizing Sharia Law Could Soon Be Illegal in Australia

The problem? Some might use the proposed law as a shield against Australian laws.

Nobelle Borines



How far can you go in living your beliefs? Secular groups in Australia fear that hardline Muslims preaching Sharia law could soon be protected from criticism under new religious freedom laws.

The new Religious Discrimination Act was recently proposed in the state of Victoria. The proposal was made after the Islamic Council of Victoria asked for "protection for people to safely practice their freedom of religion in Australia." Interestingly, this happened only a few weeks after hardline Muslim groups affiliated with the council made controversial statements in line with their interpretation of Islamic law.

Muslim preacher Nassim Abdi has previously declared that it is sinful for a woman to refuse sex with her husband.

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Thailand Police Lay Down Their Weapons, Join Protesters To Fight The Power

Instead of blocking the protesters, the police laid their weapons down and declared a truce.

Mark Andrew



This is that amazing moment when police officers, who were tasked to block and fight protesters, decided to lay down their weapons, declare a truce, and join forces to fight the power. It may sound unbelievable to some but yes, this really happened recently in Thailand.

As you can see in the images below, the cops laid down their helmets and barricades on the ground as a symbol of peace and unity with the protesters. Members from the two groups can be seen embracing each other - and tears of joy were even shed.

It turned out to be a peaceful protest!

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