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Big Freeze in America and Canada Has People Posting Photos of Cracked Windows and More

Stay safe and warm, everyone!


North America and Canada are freezing and covered in snow, and the debilitating, record-breaking cold has been causing worry, danger, and inconvenience to many. Business and school operations have been shut down, events and festivities have been put on hold, flights have been cancelled, and some lives have been taken.

The dangerously low temperatures are expected to last for a few more days, and everyone within the affected states are advised to be vigilant and extra careful during this troubling time. If you’re wondering what it’s looking like in America and Canada’s frozen areas, just see below some of the awe-inducing photos people have been posting on social media.

The Niagara Falls has become frozen.

It is bone-chillingly cold that windows are cracking.

New York has been enveloped by snow.

Poor pets are also feeling the effects of the big freeze.

Beards everywhere have been freezing, too!

Steam from sewer grates has turned into snow.

The Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota has frozen as well.

Roads get covered in thick snow in just a few hours.

Paint on the streets are shattering because of subzero temperatures.

Traffic lights are being covered in ice.

People are finding it more practical to ski on the streets instead.

Fountains everywhere are frozen.

Different modes of transportation are becoming unusable.

People try to clear the streets and the front of their homes.

Everyone has been covering up to protect themselves from the biting cold.

Are you or your loved ones affected by the big freeze? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below. And don’t forget to stay safe!


Man’s Car Breaks Down After A Hoarding Squirrel Filled Its Engine With Acorns

The car was stuffed with HUNDREDS of acorns.

25-year-old Andrew Wilkins came back from a five-week vacation and found his car unable to work properly. The gear stick was stiff and it was difficult to change gears. Concerned with his vehicle, he took it to the PTA garage so the mechanics can have a look. To his surprise, the cause of his car troubles was the work of a squirrel - it filled his car to the brim with acorns!

Wilkins, a real estate agent from Reigate in Surrey in South East England, was tidying his Volkswagen Golf before handing it over to the mechanic.

When he opened his glove compartment, he made a startling discovery.

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18 Shameless Liars Who Got Roasted Pretty Hard On Social Media

When you’re gonna tell a lie online, prepare for some good roasting.

The thing with social media is that anyone can post anything as long as he or she has access to the internet, regardless if that post is true or not. Let’s face it: we all have that one social media friend who has that bad habit of posting obviously exaggerated stories (or worse, blatant lies) on Facebook.

In most cases, we ignore those kinds of posts, knowing we wouldn’t gain anything from them at all. In some instances, however, some savage netizens go out of their way and put these liars in their place – and it’s really, really satisfying to witness that.

As the title above tells us, yes, we’ve got a hilarious compilation of 18 stupid people who lied on social media but had things thrown right back at their face.

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Woman Busy Staring At Her Phone Got Her Leg Cut Off By Closing Elevator Doors

Is it worth it to lose a leg due to phone addiction?

Mobile phones revolutionized our way of communicating and accomplishing other tasks like report making, money transactions and even monitoring properties. Way too many of our daily activities depend on the usage of our smart phones, so it’s really not surprising to see people totally focused on their devices. And this is where danger plays its role. While we keep on multitasking over phones and other tasks, we fail to recognize that accidents are already lurking around.

A woman in China reportedly had her leg severed after getting stuck between the closing doors of a faulty elevator. The horrifying incident was caught by a CCTV where the footage just recently made rounds online.

What happened to this woman should be a lesson to all cellphone addicts.

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