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11 Schools From Around the World Reveal What They Prepare For Lunch


Every country in this world differs greatly in terms of culture and tradition. This includes everything from fashion and education, and even food. The latter, however, is perhaps one of the most interesting differences. People have different standards for meals depending on which place they live.

School meals, in particular, vary greatly in each country. Schools may find it convenient for kids to go for snacks, while others are fond of the heavy lunch. Heck, some will even find it a joy to cook set meals for the students.

Below is a compilation of the different lunches schools from around the world prepare. Scroll down and prepare to be hungry!

#1. South Korea

Source: jjjung.2

In South Korea, they have a system for planning school meals. The two sections of the tray – biggest of all – are intended for rice and soup. As for the smaller sections, they go for seafood, veggies, and salads, among many others.

#2. Japan

Source: lunchlifekg2

The country somewhat has the same school lunches with South Korea. They primarily consist of rice, milk, salad, and hot soup. However, they don’t allow their students to bring their own food unless they’re in high school. In fact, they don’t have vending machines and students aren’t allowed to eat in the canteens.

#3. United Kingdom

Source: sizaie78

For the schools in the United Kingdom, their set includes carrots, porridge, fried potatoes, rice, and, most importantly, Belgian waffles (one with chocolate). But since most schools are limited in terms of budget, they usually offer fast food to students.

#4. United States of America

Source: pcs

This one here is an example of a school lunch in Virginia. They have chicken, pizza, salad, corn, and milk. It should be noted that in America, dishes usually vary from one school to another. But most of the time, it’s fast food and convenience meals, such as nuggets, burgers, and fries.

#5. Turkey

Source: _oykusahin_

This lunch here was prepared at home for the student. There are walnuts, grapes, rye bread, apple, kefir, and pomegranate. Most parents prepare food that are good for the brain.

#6. Thailand

Source: jchana27

Thailand is perhaps the one that varies greatly in the list. They’re into heavy meals, giving their students’ stomach a pack. As you can see, the menu includes pork, sweet and sour rice, and a pudding wrapped in banana leaves.

#7. France

Source: chillzary

This lunch was prepared in a school located in the western part of the country. They’re into spinach, cheese, fish, bread, and potatoes. For them, it’s already the meal of the day. The lunch breaks in schools are usually one to two hours.

#8. Finland

Source: jaakkolafood

Finland is among the countries that take meal preparation very seriously. They offer students snacks in the morning and even in the evening. More importantly, they provide their students with the best lunch. They allow students to eat their meals in the canteen, so they can choose whatever food they want. The schools, however, make sure that the food prepared is healthy enough for the students.

#9. Russia

Source: milagrebneva

Russian students are given breakfast from 9 AM to 12 PM. After that, lunches are served but to be paid. This one here is only an example of their set meal for lunch. They usually include buckwheat porridge, sausages, and tea.

#10. Hungary

Source: magyar_menza

The country is also fond of giving out big lunches for the students. They offer baked beans with chicken and noodle soup. For the dessert, it’s usually nuts.

#11. Israel

Source: little_orli

Israel is without a doubt more about giving the healthiest of meals. They’re into fruits and bread, though there are a granola bar and sweets.

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