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An Army Of 10,000 Ducks Unleashed In Thai Rice Field To Devour Pests




  • A video showing 10,000 ducks being released in a Thai rice field has been making rounds on the internet.
  • The said footage features Khaki Campbell ducks, scouring a farm for pests and insects.
  • Breeder Apiwat Chalermklin said that the ducks help farmers “reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides.”

A drone footage recently caught a lot of attention online featuring 10,000 ducks being released in a rice field in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. This, according to reports, has been a longtime tradition in the country that they call “ped lai thoong” which literally transltes to “field chasing ducks.”

Apparently, this is done in order to eliminate snails and other pests remaining after rice crop has already been harvested in the field. British breed Khaki Campbell ducks feed on them.

Bring on the cleaners! 10,000 ducks feast on as they scour the rice field for pests and insects.

In an interview, 34-year-old breeder Apiwat Chalermklin shared:

“The benefit (for the breeder) is that we reduce costs to feed the ducks. And in return, for the rice farmer the ducks help eat pests from the farm and the farmers can reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides.”

The ducks love their job and the farmers are, well, very satisfied with their service.

Farmer Prang Sipipat also added:

“They help eat golden apple snails and remains of unwanted rice husks that drop into the field from last harvest. The ducks also step on the rice stubble to flatten the ground and make it easier to plough.”

Watch the video here to see how it all happens:

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In a Reuters feature, we learn that Apiwat has “four flocks of ducks” that clean up different rice fields in the province.

The method has been effective so far for both the duck raiser and the farmers, although some are currently expressing concerns about potentially facing a drought which has affected several areas in Thailand this year.

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