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Scary Moment Hungry Snake Tried Eating Man’s Pet Cat




  • A homeowner from Nonthaburi, Thailand was busy watering plants when he noticed a huge snake going after his cat.
  • He quickly scooped the cat out of danger and closed the door.
  • The home security footage eventually went viral online.

This is that terrifying moment when a hungry snake tried eating a man’s cat while he was busy watering plants in the garden. The video, captured via home security camera, has since gone viral on social media.

According to reports, this happened in Nonthaburi, Thailand and, as can be seen in the footage, it’s definitely a relief that the pet owner immediately became aware of the trouble. After the video went viral online, many netizens pointed out that it was “a good thing” that he quickly pulled the cat out of harm’s way as the pet was clearly trying to go back after the initial encounter with the serpent.

It seemed like an ordinary day…
… until this massive snake appeared out of nowhere!

In the video description, we read:

“My dad was watering his plants, suddenly he found a big snake on his right-hand side, was slithering inside trying to eat my cat.”

Good thing he was alert!

“He didn’t even hesitate, he jumped across the bench and grabbed the cat, and tried to call the security guard around there. At that minute he saw the snake coming closer and closer so he ran into the house, but the snake was still chasing with hunger. Finally, the snake escaped to somewhere around here.”

Watch the video here and see how it all happened:

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Naturally, netizens couldn’t help but react on the video.

Someone wrote:

“Thank heavens the cat’s owner was right there to scoop up kitty and get him to safety!”

Another commented:

“And here I was complaining about living in a city I have to shovel snow in this morning.”

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