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Ferocious Dogs Want To Fight, But Only When The Gate Is Closed




  • Two brown dogs Hemanth and Mintra recently went viral on social media.
  • They angrily bark at each other but whimper like puppies after the gate separating them is left opened.
  • They switch back to aggressive mode once the gate is closed.

Two dogs recently captured the attention of social media netizens after their strange video went viral online. In the said viral clip, we can see the dogs ferociously barking at each other while they were separated by a gate.

As it appears, things take an interesting – and quite hilarious – turn when the gate is eventually opened. Thanyaphat Chompoo, who owns both pooches, kept on filming the two and we instantly see a drastic difference in their behavior.

They look so brave but the truth is…

As you can see on the video below, two-year-old brown Aspin dogs Hemanth and Mintra look like they’re ready to fight but in reality, that’s not really the case.

The two immediately mellow out once the gate is out of their way.

It’s definitely a sudden and unexpected change of mood. and most people couldn’t help but laugh.

According to Thanyaphat, the now-viral video was filmed last January 16 outside their Rayong, Thailand home.

“Hemanth and Mintra couldn’t keep their mouths shut, they kept on fighting,” Thanyaphat shared. “But when I gave them a chance to bite at each other, they just wouldn’t do it. They were only brave when something was protecting them.”

Watch the video here and see how it all happens:

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Of course, netizens had a field day in the comment section. ase in point, one YouTube viewer compared the two dogs to “literally everyone on the internet” while another said they’re much “like politicians… who fight each other in front of the people” but afterwards hug and steal from the public.

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