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Burglar Caught Sleeping While Robbing House, Woken Up By Cops




  • A funny incident in Thailand shows a burglar being caught sleeping in an air-conditioned room by the homeowner – who also happens to be a cop.
  • The shirtless thief fell asleep because he was too tired to steal.
  • He was later arrested by authorities and charged for breaking into the house.

In a strange turn of events, a burglar has been caught sleeping in a police officer’s house. The unknown man was found sleeping in his daughter’s bedroom after the cop noticed that the air conditioner was on.

According to reports, this recently happened in Thailand. It was around 2 AM in the morning when police sword officer Jiam Prasert of the Wichian Buri District police station in Phetchabun Province got up from the bed to check the room. At the time, his daughter was in a different city and so he started to feel really suspicious.

Fast sleep in an air-conditioned room: This shirtless burglar was caught by the homeowner – who also happens to be a police officer!

From the window, he spotted 22-year-old Athit Kin Khunthud sleeping soundly and comfortably wrapped in sheets. The homeowner captured everything on film and later posted it online where it, understandably, quickly went viral, amusing numerous netizens.

“Hey! Who are you, sleeping in my house? Where did you come from?” screamed the homeowner, waking the thief up.
As seen in the video, he was obviously dazed and confused for a few moments.

Apparently, the robber successfully broke in the house but felt too tired to steal so he decided to turn the air-conditioning system and doze off instead. He immediately called for back-up to have the guy arrested.

Although he did not take anything from the house, he was still charged for trespassing.
Watch the video here to see how it all happened:
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