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10 Epic Construction Fails That Are Just Too Dumb





We all make those little mistakes but thanks to modern technology, it has been easier to mend errors with just a touch of a button or a click of a mouse. Misspelled a word while typing? Just hit backspace if auto-correct hasn’t fixed it already! We almost always have the chance to mend mistakes with very little effort.

However, what if the error is much more permanent, say like a construction job? Well we can guess they probably caused tons of headaches to the builder and the owner. With things like elevators, stairs, windows and doors, mistakes would be too costly to fix, so some people just opt to leave them as they are.

Most of the pictures you are about to see are absolutely dumb and useless – but hey, they are worth a lot of chuckles!

1. The sign said, “This way to 50% off sale!”

2. We all have that one window…

3. I’m sure the ladies won’t mind. They love chatting in the loo anyway!

4. I’m sure the door was meant for something else.

5. There seems to be a pattern here…

6. The “comfort room” that’s too close for comfort.

7. I think I found Weasley’s garage for their flying car!

8. I’m sure every mom wished for this at least once in her lifetime.

9. It could be a portal to another dimension, right?

10. Maybe the adrenaline rush when there is an actual fire would make you jump high!

If you can’t fix it, just laugh at it! Don’t keep it to yourself, though. Take a photo and post it online to share the chuckles.

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