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London’s Answer To Disneyland Will Be “One of the Largest Construction Projects” In Europe

The £3.5 billion theme park will be “three times larger than any other park in the UK.”

  • With construction expected to begin in 2021, the London Resort is set to the among the “largest construction projects” ever in Europe.
  • According to the website, the proposed area will be “equivalent to 136 Wembley Stadiums” and the destination will be “three times larger” than other UK parks.
  • London Resort is estimated to open by 2024.

The United Kingdom will soon start construction of their answer to Disneyland. And from the available information we’ve gathered online, it looks like this theme park is going to be pretty massive.

With a target opening of 2024, the multi-billion pound investment simply called the London Resort promises to be “one of the largest construction projects across Europe.” Needless to say, many locals are excited about the idea of having a huge family theme park in the area.

Move over, Disneyland. UK will soon have the London Resort!

According to the official website, the London Resort will be “the largest, immersive experience centers in the world” and will feature two theme parks and a resort water park. It will also have a hotel with 3,500 rooms.

The overall area will be equivalent to “136 Wembley Stadiums,” the official site described.

The park will feature rides from iconic pop culture properties ranging from books, movies, music, and television shows, among others.

It will be built over 7 million square meters of land in Swanscombe, Kent in England. This means the location is just about 17 minutes away from central London so it should be easily accessible to residents and tourists alike.

“There will be something for every generation and food and drink for every taste,” the site also added.

More than your regular theme park, the London Resort is “imagination unleashed.”

“When complete, it will be three times larger than any other park in the UK,” the site likewise mentioned.

For additional information and more updates about the project, you can visit the London Resort website here.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Offers to Pay for George Floyd’s Funeral

“He is just doing what he feels is right in his heart.”

  • World boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. is once again helping a family beset by tragedy.
  • According to the people closest to him, the 43-year-old boxer is paying for the funeral expenses of George Floyd because it "feels right."
  • Aside from Mayweather, other popular names in the sports industry have shown their support to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, prompted by Floyd's death.

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Joe Rogan’s $100 Million Move to Spotify is a Big Heads Up to YouTube

The surprising move is said to be a rebellion against YouTube’s censorship.

  • The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most-watched channels on YouTube, with more than 8 million subscribers.
  • Rogan's content will become exclusive to Spotify at the end of the year.
  • According to rumors, the move is a rebellion against YouTube's seemingly "unfair" censorship on his content.

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Grimes Explains Unique Name of Her Baby With Elon Musk

It’s a boy – and his name is X Æ A-12!

  • Elon Musk and Grimes has welcomed their first baby.
  • The couple decided to call their son X Æ A-12 Musk and now the internet is confused.
  • The state of California, however, said the name "would not be allowed" for certain reasons.

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