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Epic Design Fails That Are So Hilariously Bad





You don’t have to be an expert in design to know that something is totally messed up. These errors are so hard to miss that you can’t believe they’re actually out there for people to see.

With that said, everybody loves poking fun at other people’s mistakes. Here are 30 epic design fails that are so bad, it’s hilarious.

1. Probably not the best color for a bike saddle.
2. Beep boop, I want to buy a car! I am not a robot! Beep boop!
3. Happy Father’s Day!
4. When your security gate is a ladder.
5. The chicken looks rightly offended.
6. “I didn’t qualify for this paid survey after selecting ‘No.’”

So let me get this straight. You only qualify for the paid survey if you’re a ghost?

7. Is it living in the sewers?
8. This ad placement is a little insensitive.
9. Okay. Noted.
10. Light switch in the kids’ room.
11. Someone got fired.
12. Uhmm, they’re just hugging, okay?
13. The clock hands don’t glow, so you still don’t know what time it is.
14. Perfect design for your toilet seat.
15. “Dude, are you taking a picture?”
16. And you thought the other glass stall was bad?
17. “The ‘bathroom’ in my Airbnb will 100% result in shitty encounters with the host.”
18. Junk food just became real.
19. “So my campus had a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day.”
20. Is this the ad for #19?
21. I think they forgot to Photoshop the other boob.
22. One would have been too much already.
23. They need protection too.
24. Planning is overrated. Improvisation is everything.
25. How to break your bones.
26. Yep. This is how an elephant looks like.
27. Someone forgot their spacing.
28. That’s an interesting mirror.
29. Well, do they?
30. I’m not sure.
31. I hope that’s not how your priest comforts you.
32. Well, hope they also have a room for the good employees.
33. “I went to turn on the lights and got sanitized instead.”
34. Probably the same guy who installed #33…
35. Wow, now I can shower and blow dry my hair at the same time. No danger there!
36. Super Penetrate
37. The paint in this public restroom
38. At least, one will see your face and recognize you.
39. Hannibal: Challenge accepted.
40. This is going to give him nightmares.
41. Artist: It will take them centuries to notice!
42. That’s supposed to be a whistle
43. I’m pear shaped. Not my lucky day!
44. Poor Troy, he deserves better.
45. I have no words for this.
46. Braille. 7 feet high. Printed. Behind Glass. SMH.
47. The unicorn likes it.
48. My niece got a candle making kit. Here is her first “Candle”.
49. Ad Photoshop Fail
50. Sorry, I’ll pick up my dog’s poop… Wouldn’t want to ruin your child eating session.
51. An unfortunate logo for a fitness center
52. Speak no evil, see no evil
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