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30 Tourists Who Ended Up Disappointed After Visiting Famous Spots

When visiting a popular tourist spot isn’t as fun as it sounds!


Let’s face it: traveling isn’t always fun – even if you’re visiting a popular tourist attraction. Just take it from these people who have prepared for months, saved and spent a significant amount of cash, and then finally took the trip, only to end up disappointed with what they saw.

As you can see on the photos below, sometimes such an unfortunate experience can be blamed to bad weather. Or maybe an unexpected renovation work.

Well regardless of the reasons, we sympathize with these folks for not feeling too thrilled upon reaching their destinations. Go scroll down to see for yourself and you just might even remember some of your own terrible trips in the past.

1. So this guy finally saw Golden Gate Bridge. Sort of!
2. A tourist got up at 3AM to hike up Peru’s Machu Picchu only to get this.
3. The Big Ben doesn’t look as stunning when it’s under renovation.
4. They traveled 9 hours via car. And this is their picture at Mount Rushmore!
5. Meanwhile in Germany, this is Hitler’s Eagles Nest.
6. The Great Wall of China doesn’t look too great from this view.
7. Another disappointed Machu Picchu visitor, this guy spent four days trekking.
8. Where are you, Mt Fuji?!
9. Now here’s the Grand Canyon.
10. Mt. Everest just went invisible.
11. Believe it or not, this is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.
12. One tourist flew to London to see ‘Sunflowers’ but was dismayed to see this sign. The other exhibit had a $25 ticket.
13. After a 10-hour flight, a tourist makes it to Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle and sees this scene.
14. Another foggy day at Mt. Rushmore. Nevermind that this guy drove 90 minutes out of his way to see it!
15. This couple visited Mt. Rushmore for the first time. Needless to say, they weren’t pleased with view.
16. Mt. Rainier: Reality vs Expectation
17. Sunrise must be fascinating when you’re at the top of Mt. Fuji, right? Well it depends!
18. Cliffs of Moher doesn’t care if you spent 8 hours on the plane and an hour in the bus to see it.
19. Trekked three weeks and this is how Mt. Manaslu greets you.
20. The face of a man who hiked Machu Picchu for four days.
21. Planned a dream China vacation only to see the Great Wall like this.
22. Barcelona’s Casa Batlló: Expectation vs reality
23. Golden Gate Bridge isn’t as fascinating this way.
24. A tourist visited the door where Martin Luther nailed his thesis in Wittenberg, Germany. Unfortunately, it was undergoing restoration.
25. Why so elusive, Mt Rushmore?
26. Glacier 3000 looks like a creepy bridge that leads to nowhere.
27. Mt Rushmore photo fail.
28. The Big Ben’s in there somewhere.
29. Still not found: Mt Rushmore.
30. Crater Lake is also nowhere to be found.


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