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30 Embarrassing Adults Who Got Stuck In The Playground





“Play,” according to Albert Einstein, “is the highest form of research.” Well actually, not only is play an important aspect of child development but it is equally an essential element for surviving adult life. According to experts, play can help adults decrease stress levels, improve brain function, boost creativity and productivity, and even improve relationships, among many others.

That said, we’re sure the adults pictured in the examples below didn’t have the slightest idea that the time they devoted for play would actually end up being such a disaster. In fact, we believe they would likely point to this experience whenever they get asked to share their most embarrassing moment.

Besides, who could forget getting stuck in a baby swing – in public! So firemen had to be called on the scene to free them from all the awkwardness.

Scroll down below and you will know what we mean.

#1. This tie-wearing gentlemen must be so embarrassed for this mess.
#2. This is why you should take measurements in your head before trying out the kiddie slide.
#3. She probably didn’t see this coming.
#4. Play in the coil, they said. It would be fun, they said.
#5. Imagine getting stuck here longer than you wanted.

“I’m 6’4″ and even when my friends helped flip me over, I couldn’t get out since I wasn’t fully touching the ground and both of my calves were wedged into the seat. My friends finally helped me get out (after laughing at me for a while, which I deserved); no firemen required.”

#6. HELP!
#7. Thanks to these firemen, this guy eventually got out from that swing.
#8. This must be very uncomfortable!
#9. Gotta love this mom’s Adventure Time shirt.
#10. Meanwhile, this dad ended up getting stuck in a spring rocker.
#11. “Mel got stuck in a swing.”
#12. Another grown man getting stuck in a child’s swing.
#13. “When my daughter got stuck in a baby swing and had to get the fire brigade to get her out. I couldn’t stop laughing”
#14. Naturally, his friends made fun of him – and took some selfies!
#15. What do these people not understand about BABY SWINGS?
#16. It was at this exact moment when she realized she messed up.
#17. Now he knows climbing this was a terrible idea.
#18. Another lady trapped in a baby swing.
#19. In case you think stuff like these only happen to regular folks, here’s former Big Brother star Lisa Appleton in the same dilemma.
#20. Billy got stuck here for about 20 minutes.
#21. Again, stay away from baby swings…
#22. … and coils, too!
#23. Thank God for firefighters!
#24. “What do you do when one of your 16-year-olds gets stuck in the baby swing at the park?”

“Snap pictures and laugh and laugh. I did offer to call 911 which made the thought of it hysterical. Ah, good times.”

#25. So yes, the message is clear: think twice before trying that swing.
#26. You just might end up regretting it.
#27. Notice the expression of that girl in the back.
#28. Oh dear!
#29. Another woman gets stuck in the swing.
#30. Again, don’t try this please!

Thanks to whoever took these photos (probably their families and friends), these epic fails have been immortalized on the internet. We hope this would serve as a lesson for everyone.

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