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Pretty Japanese Motorbike ‘Babe’ Turns Out To Be A 50-Year-Old Man




  • A pretty motorbike rider on Twitter has been revealed as a 50-year-old guy.
  • Netizens spotted a middle-aged man in a mirror reflection and connected the dots from there.
  • According to a Japanese show, he used a gender-changing app to gain fame online.

Twitter user @azusagakuyuki has thousands of followers. Her fans love following her online, mostly for her motorbike-related posts.

Much to the shock of everyone, however, it turns out there’s more to her than meets the eye. Recently, a Japanese show claimed that the pretty young woman is, in reality, a 50-year-old man.

@azusagakuyuki loves “playing around with motorbikes” but is she who people think she is?

In one tweet, “she” wrote:

Hello everyone~ Are you riding a motorbike~? It’s almost spring!
Age: Shōwa (born between 1926–1989)
Height: 166
Living in: Ibaraki
Love: playing around with bikes
Motto: Life is once, play this world

However, some observers say they noticed a middle-aged man in the bike mirror’s reflection as they zoomed in.

Now people are commenting that the young woman has some “not-so young looking arms.”

One person said:

“People fell for that? The face really looks fake and damn, that hairy arm.”

Another wrote:

“This is why you cannot trust social media for anything.”

Eventually, Japanese shows started tracking the “woman” to find out the truth and it was revealed that he was a longhaired man who uses face-changing app for fun.

Check out the photos below and see for yourself:

He reportedly admitted that since nobody likes seeing an “uncle” on social media, he decided to transform himself into a “beautiful woman” so his posts would gain some attention. The trick has proven to be quite effective as the Twitter account attracted more than 17,000 followers.

The 50-year-old biker said he uses Face-App which has filters that not only allows users to change their appearance but even their gender.

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