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Guy Shares 10 Lessons He Learned In His First 160 Days As A Dad




  • Bonisile Mgidi, 23, shared his insights about parenthood on Twitter.
  • His tweets later went viral and his story has since been covered by several news sites.
  • According to Bonisile, parenthood changes everything – even the way you drive.

Nothing prepares you for parenthood. It’s a unique experience that will bring lots of changes and lessons to your life.

Case in point, new dad Bonisile Mgidi recently shared his insights on Twitter regarding his journey as a young father – and he has been pretty straightforward about it. He summed up his learnings into 10 points (he even added a bonus) and much to his surprise, his tweets later went viral online. Various media sources also came knocking to hear more aout his story.

Binisile Mgidi, 26, of Pretoria, South Africa said being a dad brought a lot of unexpected changes.

In an interview, Bonisile revealed that being a father has made him more time-conscious. He said:

“The guilty pleasures you enjoyed are interrupted and the deadlines you could meet are now extended. That has been the biggest thing for me.”

He even had to adjust his attitude as a driver.

As he pointed out:

“Even the way I drive has changed. Now when I get to traffic lights amber means ‘slow down check if the guy behind me realizes I’m about to stop and stop’. A year ago, amber meant I should drive faster before it turned red. Also, my parents are not as broke as I thought they are. They are always getting her gifts.”

Check out his funny yet informative Twitter thread below:

And of course, there’s a little reminder about baby photos:

So yes, parenting can be a challenging yet fulfilling (and definitely life-changing) experience.

That said, our hats are off to parents like Bonisile who give their very best to care for their children and raise them well.

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