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Woman Asks For A Stylish Undercut, Gets ‘World’s Worst Haircut’ Instead

I am so glad I’m not this woman!






The highly-popular undercut hairstyle is not just for men anymore. In fact, women have been rocking the trend for quite a while now.

The style is so in demand that hairstylists have taken the cut to a whole new level by adding some intricate designs. But when one woman went to a stylist hoping for an elaborate undercut, she was left with the “world’s worst haircut” instead.

We all had our share of crazy haircuts. Most of the time it’s hard to explain what you really wanted, especially because we don’t know the right or proper terms when it comes to a haircut.

With that said, we bring some reference like a photo or a screenshot of the haircut or hairstyle that we wanted, especially when it’s pretty complicated. Good idea, right? Wrong. And Lucy Burrows learned it the hard way.

Since it’s hard for her to explain in detail, the 22-year-old showed a photo of the style of her choice to the hairstylist. It was an undercut style with some intricate designs. And no, it didn’t turn out right.

Lucy said:

“If you’re looking for a butcher, Barber n’ Bar is the right place. They absolutely destroyed my hair and confidence, and I couldn’t even go to work because of this.”

The sales account manager shared that her hair is only now just starting to recover after she got the nightmare haircut.

“I still can’t wear my hair up at all, and it looks so bad and messy. You can’t tell as much anymore, but it still feels very thin to me.”

Lucy says Barber n’ Bar in Cheltenham initially refused to acknowledge the mistake but eventually agreed to refund the £20 cut, throwing in an extra tenner to apologize.

She said:

“After a long argument, the hairdressers admitted they did do it to me and sent back £30, but I am still half bald which obviously isn’t great.”


Buddhist Master Spins Around For 152 Times To Bless Temple, Ends Up Vomiting On The Floor

“If that’s blessing then I have been blessing places for years.”

Mark Andrew



A Buddhist master recently gained viral attention on social media because of her unique way of blessing a structure. As the reports tell us, Master Huiyen was invited to bless a temple located in the central Nantou County, Taiwan.

In the bizzare video below, you will see Huiyen performing a 'purification' ritual at the Longshan Shanjue Temple. She did it by twirling around for about 152 times while sprinkling water straight from a disposable drinking bottle. When the water runs out, she just throws the bottle to the ground and then her assistants rush to hand her a new one.

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Shocked Woman Gets Pregnant While On The Pill, Gives Birth To Triplets

The triplets are non-identical, which means that three different eggs were fertilized although the mother was on the pill!

Nobelle Borines



Women usually rely on contraceptives to prevent any unexpected pregnancies. However, that didn't stop one woman from conceiving while she was on the pill. Interestingly, the shocked mom found out she was actually carrying triplets although she had been taking birth control pills.

Hannah Donaghue of Northampton, UK had a contraceptive implant for several years. However, she recently had problems with her implant and decided to go back to birth control pills. This was when she reconnected with Ben Fagan, an old flame with whom she had a night of passion.

However, the couple soon realized that Hannah had gotten pregnant with triplets although she was taking her pills.

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Chef Wins $5.5 Million And Calmly Goes Back To Work The Next Day

Now that’s what you call a hardworking man.




An Irish man who works as a chef at the Artisan Cookhouse in Downpatrick, United Kingdom picked up the biggest online win in the history of Paddy Power from a $10 stake. But Sean Doyle proved that the money would not change him as he still turned up to work the next day after becoming a millionaire.

Sean was just hanging out with his friends then they placed their bets on Paddy Power’s online game “Mars Attacks” on February 13, Wednesday. The 33-year-old chef had been playing the game for six months, and finally won!

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