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Wendy’s is on a Roasting Rampage on Twitter

Jamie Casadores





According to a quote from Oscar Wilde, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.” Though no one would appreciate a sarcastic comeback, we often find it hilarious especially if it is not directed to us.

That’s the ultimate reason why the world is now raving about Wendy’s Twitter account. Apparently, whoever is the person behind the account is oozing with sarcasm and witty remarks thrown at other users just looking to troll them.

It all started with one troll questioning the ‘freshness’ of their beef burger. Wendy’s completely owned the Twitter user even causing him to deactivate his account.

There is always that one internet troll who is always looking up to humiliate people on social media.

But, what he was not expecting was the witty comeback Wendy’s had for him.

We are used to having company Twitter accounts who are way too friendly, accommodating, and nice. They are so careful not to offend their customers since social media is a powerful entity that could make or break a company. But in the case of Wendy’s, it was different. It gained the attention and approval of netizens.

So, why stop with one? Whoever was the social media manager for Wendy’s probably got the approval from their bosses to go on with the witty comebacks.

Is there any better way to ‘trash’ your competitor?

We’re not talking about just one competitor here. Taco Bell, Burger King, and Rally’s were hit by the shots fired, too!

Wendy’s also has zero tolerance for dumb tweets, quickly shutting them down with brief, but sharp remarks.

Is it a marketing disaster or a brilliant publicity stunt? Whichever the case is, those tweet exchanges really made our day. Hopefully, internet trolls learned a lesson from this story. Your intention to humiliate someone on social media could always backfire to you in many unimaginable ways.


Man Destroys Ex-GF’s Vibrator Because “She Loved It More Than Him”

The poor thing.




Jealousy is not strictly a woman thing. Men also get jealous of other men (or women) and this can make them do crazy things especially if their self-esteem is at stake. However, it's one thing to get jealous of a person; it's another if you get jealous of an object as the competition to your partner's affections.

This dude got jealous of his ex-girlfriend's vibrator and in his rage destroyed the helpless object.

This story involves a man named Rich Moore from Orpington, London and his ex-lover Sarah Mills.

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10 Epic Construction Fails That Are Just Too Dumb

OMG! You had one job, guys!

Jamie Casadores



We all make those little mistakes but thanks to modern technology, it has been easier to mend errors with just a touch of a button or a click of a mouse. Misspelled a word while typing? Just hit backspace if auto-correct hasn’t fixed it already! We almost always have the chance to mend mistakes with very little effort.

However, what if the error is much more permanent, say like a construction job? Well we can guess they probably caused tons of headaches to the builder and the owner. With things like elevators, stairs, windows and doors, mistakes would be too costly to fix, so some people just opt to leave them as they are.

Most of the pictures you are about to see are absolutely dumb and useless - but hey, they are worth a lot of chuckles!

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15 Warning Labels Made Specifically for Stupid People

Because sometimes, you can never give too much instructions.

Kat Lozada



Warning signs exist for a very good reason. The weird thing is, while majority would follow these signs, there are still some dummies out there who would do insane things that would hurt themselves or others and just basically cause stress.

I guess that’s why, these warning labels have had to go to the extreme just to make sure that their message is clear and that everyone's safety remains a priority.

Here are some of craziest warning signs you'll ever see:

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