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His Suit Made Him Feel A Bit Uneasy. Look What This Weatherman Did On Live TV!





Have you ever had an experience wherein you’re in a public place and it was already too late when you realized that there’s still a price tag hanging on your dress? Or that you’re shirt is inside out? Its embarrassing to experience these booboos in public- you could only hope that no one else has seen you. But what if it happens on national TV where millions of viewers can actually see it all at the same time? What will you do? How would you react?

Steve Frazier, a meteorologist at Fox 9 News was clearly a bit uneasy while talking to the anchors just before his segment. He was giving them a brief about the weather, telling them about the “chill not being complete gone.” Then strangely, he reached one arm out to the back of his neck and then another, as he started apologizing for the gesture. The male anchor, having noticed Steve’s action, was quick to improvise a line to control the situation. He said,

“…and the chill has got a kink in your neck, huh?”

Surprisingly, Steve pulled a coat hanger out from his back and placed it on the anchors’ desk! Both anchors couldn’t help but cover their faces while they laugh. All the while Steve was explaining how he thought it was just a tight button. It was so funny!

Watch this video:

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When he got dressed this morning, he apparently didn’t pay close enough attention.

H/T: SFGlobe,Fox9


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