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His Suit Made Him Feel A Bit Uneasy. Look What This Weatherman Did On Live TV!

He hadn’t realized sooner that he still has that thing on!


Have you ever had an experience wherein you’re in a public place and it was already too late when you realized that there’s still a price tag hanging on your dress? Or that you’re shirt is inside out? Its embarrassing to experience these booboos in public- you could only hope that no one else has seen you. But what if it happens on national TV where millions of viewers can actually see it all at the same time? What will you do? How would you react?

Steve Frazier, a meteorologist at Fox 9 News was clearly a bit uneasy while talking to the anchors just before his segment. He was giving them a brief about the weather, telling them about the “chill not being complete gone.” Then strangely, he reached one arm out to the back of his neck and then another, as he started apologizing for the gesture. The male anchor, having noticed Steve’s action, was quick to improvise a line to control the situation. He said,

“…and the chill has got a kink in your neck, huh?”

Surprisingly, Steve pulled a coat hanger out from his back and placed it on the anchors’ desk! Both anchors couldn’t help but cover their faces while they laugh. All the while Steve was explaining how he thought it was just a tight button. It was so funny!

Watch this video:

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When he got dressed this morning, he apparently didn’t pay close enough attention.

H/T: SFGlobe,Fox9



Grandma Gives Birth to Her Own Grandchild. Wait… What?

Grandmother gives birth to her own grandchild.

A mother’s love is definitely infinite. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her children. Then 53-year old Cindy Reutzel gave her daughter Emily probably the greatest gift a mother can give to her daughter.

Three years ago, Emily Jordan was devastated when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer at a young age of 29, the doctors advised her to have a radical hysterectomy, which crushed her and husband Mike’s hopes of having a baby. What’s even worse is that before surgery, her doctor delivered more devastating news: Emily was pregnant. The couple had to make a painful decision and went ahead with the surgery in order to save Emily’s life.

"I can't describe what that was like after finding out you have cancer, after finding out your chance of ever carrying a baby is gone," Emily said.

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This Man Will Prove that the Richest Man is Not Always Listed in the Forbes Magazine!

Share if he makes you feel proud to be Human.

Heaven is for real. At least this is the statement Indian Actor Varun Pruthi is vindicating with his new charity campaign where he promises to shell out one thousand rupee to fifty God-fearing poor street hawkers if his controversial video breaches a million hits by Diwali.

Truly enough, his campaign has caught one of the inspiring moments not projected on the daily screen. He purchased a samosa from a visually impaired samosa street vendor and pays it with a thousand rupee.

Figuring that the generous amount is way too costly for just a 10-ruppe worth samosa, the vendor returns the money to Pruthi. However, as the actor insists of paying a price tag, the amount boils down to a hundred. Still marveled by the amount, the street hawker returned the change and accepted a hug instead adding that it is better given to those who need them the most.

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Genius Trick to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight Using Middle School Science.

I never thought of that.

Have you experienced finding the perfect shoes for that one dress you've been dying to wear, only to find out that it doesn't fit? We hear you, and we hear you well. So don't fret because we have the genius solution for that frustrating shoe dilemma. And no, it doesn't involve mutilating your toes, or anything morbid like that.

While it may sound impossible to stretch out those shoes without destroying it, we tell you, it can be done! With just a simple ingenuity, you can transform that tight pair of shoes into a perfect fit. Say goodbye to those frustrating moments when you try to squeeze your feet just to make the perfect pair of shoes fit for the big event. However, we have to warn you that the method is quite unconventional.

Here is the video:

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