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20 Clothing Disasters We Can’t Unsee

#19 is just not right.






We all have our fashion fails, but most of us are lucky enough not to have those embarrassing moments documented on the internet. Unfortunately for some, their unflattering ensembles were captured and shared on social media, making us all wonder why they did it.

Even though being fashionable is seen as life-or-death by so many, there are plenty of people that just can’t quite get the hang of what looks good. Be it they’re not wise enough to what’s acceptable or what isn’t, their fashion failures provide great entertainment for the rest of us. Here are 20 epic clothing disasters we can’t believe actually happened.

1. Where did Mickey’s head go? Oh, nevermind.

Looks like Mickey Mouse stuck his head up her…

2. How could the designer think that pee marks look good?

3. I don’t think this sweater is kid-friendly.

4. Fun run shirts.

Oh, those were two people raising their arms up. Got it.

5. This $990 Fendi shawl looks very familiar.

6. When it looked like you already stepped on dog poo before even wearing your brand new sneakers.

7. This doesn’t look romantic at all.

8. “Dope” or “Pedo”?

9. “My wife T-shirt says ‘Saturday.’”

That’s not what I see, though.

10. *Fist bumps* The emoji made me do it!

11. Aren’t you supposed to fill the “Sample Text Here” up?

12. Oh, okay. Now it makes sense!

13. Thomas Jefferson looked like he pooped his pants.

14. It’s “Gym hair, don’t care.” Got it? Good. Now, let’s pretend we didn’t see that.

15. I feel distressed looking at this.

Fashion is definitely confusing. You buy a ridiculously expensive item to look poor.

16. Good intentions. Bad name.

17. Children fashion choices.

18. Pattern placement problems are real.

19. Wait, doesn’t ”Aloha” mean “hello,” too?

20. Godzilla sounds like a very positive creature.

Who puts life lessons in colorful Comic Sans right next to Godzilla’s face? My childhood has been a lie.

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#16 is too sweet!




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