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Conservation-Friendly Faucet Swirls Into Magnificent Patterns


Would you believe that an elegant-looking Swirl Faucet that streams geometric patterns  can actually reduce your water wastage?

An amazing faucet conceptualised by London design student Simin Qiu actually saves water by transforming it into an elegant, swirling spiral. Using the two elements Qiu associates with water, gentle and swirly, the student from London’s Royal College of Art created created a faucet which limits the flow of water by 15% compared to traditional faucets.

So how does Qiu’s design work?

Water is sent to a double turbine that spirals as the water passes it. As a result, a magnificent and elaborate lattice of water flows from the faucet. The best thing about it is that it has a positive impact on the environment.

Operated with a touch button on top, Qiu’s unusual faucet design has 3 nozzle options.

In 2014, the Swirl Faucet won an Internation Forum Design HannoveriConcept Award.

Learn more about the Swirl Faucet and Qiu’s other projects on Behance.

faucet 1

Photo credit: Behance

faucet 3

Photo credit: Behance

faucet 4

Photo credit: Behance

faucet 5

Photo credit: Behance

faucet 7

Photo credit: Behance

faucet 8

Photo credit: Behance

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