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The Realistic ‘Human Head’ Helmet Looks Creepy And Cool At The Same Time




  • Dubai-artist Jyo John Mullor has come up with an interesting design concept for helmets.
  • His shaved human head concept illustration has gone viral online as many netizens have found them funny yet freaky.

Responsible motorcycle riders know this one basic rule about road safety: wearing a helmet is a must. We’ve seen that demonstrated over and over again as some bikers have avoided grave danger, thanks to the trusty headgear.

So yes, if you’re driving a motorbike, make sure you pick up a helmet before hitting the streets. It just might save your life!

That said, it also goes without saying that several designers out there have come up with some of the most over-the-top concepts that, well, push things to the limit.

How would you love to rock a ‘human head’ helmet?

Case in point, this helmet we’ve recently seen online is plainly, design-wise, as crazy as you can get.

As you can see on the photos, this unique item aims not only to protect the head but literally looks like a literal shaved human head. It even has its own ears, for goodness’ sake!

According to a Bored Panda feature, the strange helmet has been created by Jyo John Mullor, a graphic artist based in Dubai, UAE.

This one also sports a nice pair of vintage goggles.

Photos of the concept art eventually went viral on social media and some are even labeling it as “literally the greatest helmet on the internet right now.” Weirdly enough, a lot of netizens have expressed serious interest about owning one.

As a commenter wrote:

“That sure looks creepy but I sure wanna buy it!”

The helmet designs as done by artist Jyo John Mullor.

We can just imagine the priceless reaction of police officers when they ask drivers to pull over and then realize their big mistake. It will be hilarious!

So far, though, we do not have any information about when (or if) these concepts will go into actual production. In case you want to learn more, you may check out the artist’s work on Behance.

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