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Kenya Installs First Solar Power Plant That Turns Ocean Water Into Drinking Water

Residents of the drought-stricken town finally have access to clean water!

  • GivePower Foundation’s Solar Water Farm has helped villagers of Kiunga, Kenya to get easy access to clean water.
  • The town has been suffering from extreme drought and with the tech’s installation, salt water is now being transformed to potable water.

Here’s a fact: about 71% of our planet’s surface is covered with water. That said, it’s really ironic to think that each of the world’s continent experiences water scarcity, with 1.2 billion people suffering from lack of access to safe drinking water.

Sounds pretty sad, doesn’t it? Well that’s the unfortunate reality we’re facing across the globe today. The good news is some brilliant minds out there are working towards creating excellent solutions for the problem. Case in point we have the GivePower Foundation, an organization that aims to “provide solar solutions to developing regions that need it most,” according to their own website.

GivePower’s Solar Water Farm can provide clean water for 35,000 people daily.

As the reports tell us, the team has installed a Solar Water Farm in the drought-stricken town of Kiunga in Kenya.

This impressive innovation is a solar-powered plant with two pumps capable of transforming ocean water into – wait for it – fresh potable water.

Thousands of happy villagers have been benefitting from the technology.

Besides, most of these people previously had to travel over an hour just to get clean drinking water for their families.

Numerous of netizens have since praised GivePower for providing much-needed help for the needy.

Watch this video to learn more:

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In the near future, the GivePower team hopes they could make the technology available in many areas across the globe and they’re soon going to start out with that in Colombia and Haiti.

To support GivePower’s projects, you can visit their official website to see how you can make a donation.


Tesla’s “Bulletproof Truck” Gets Windows Smashed During Live Presentation and It Was Awkward

“Oh my _ god,” Elon Musk exclaimed.

  • A small metal ball smashed the windows easily.
  • It happened right in front of CEO Elon Musk, who had to finish the presentation standing in front of the destroyed vehicle.
  • Pre-orders have already opened, starting at $39,900.

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Michelin’s Puncture-Proof Tire Ensures You’ll Never Get A Flat Tire Ever Again

This innovation will definitely make flat tires a thing of the past.

  • An airless and puncture-proof tire has recently been unveiled by Michelin.
  • Created in collaboration with General Motors, the new tire system aims to get rid of flat tires for good.

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China Approves New Seaweed-Based Alzheimer’s Drug

Called Oligomannate, the new seaweed-based drug provided statistical evidence of its ability to improve cognitive function in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Called Oligomannate, the seaweed-based drug is the first to come out in 17 years
  • The full approval of the drug depends on the findings of safety studies
  • Oligomannate will be available in China by the end of 2019 while global trials are scheduled to start in 2020

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