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13-Year-Old Indigenous Girl Nominated For Global Peace Prize

We need more children like Autumn Peltier.

  • An indigenous girl has been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize.
  • The 13-year-old strongly advocates the protection of sacred waters around the world.
  • Amazingly, she has been an advocate for clean drinking water since she was only eight years old.

While most 13-year-old girls are probably thinking about school or boys, an indigenous girl shows us she is clearly following a completely different path. Despite her tender age, this girl is already advocating for clean water to be available to people around the world. And now she has been nominated for a global peace prize.

Autumn Peltier may be young but she’s already a veteran in advocacy. The Anishinaabe teen from Wikwemikong First Nation has been working to spread awareness of protecting water since she was only eight years old. Not surprisingly, her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Peltier has been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

The young water advocate addresses the United Nations.

Peltier has indeed proven to be a fierce advocate for clean drinking water. The young girl insists that water needs to be protected and that it should be available to everyone around the world.

Peltier was the only Canadian candidate for the International Children’s Peace Prize. Although she lost out to Mohamad Al Jounde of Syria, she continues to spread awareness about the importance of protecting our waters.

Peltier has been advocating for clean water at a young age.

“You were only given one planet, and we’re destroying it,” Peltier said during her call to action in November 2016. “It’s not just in North America where we need clean drinking water, it’s all over the world.”

There is little doubt that Peltier is a truly admirable child who believes that water should be available to those who need it. Hopefully, more people will support her cause in the future.

Watch Peltier address the UN below:

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