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Here’s Why You Should Never Leave A Water Bottle In Your Car




  • Leaving water bottle in a car is a common mistake made by many.
  • Battery technician Dioni Amuchastegui warned it could create a serious fire hazard – just like he experienced.
  • The Oklahoma Midwest City Fire Department conducted a test and found out that sunlight magnified by a water bottle can reach 250°F.

Have you ever left a plastic water bottle in the car on a hot day? Many of us do it all the time without thinking twice about it.

However, firefighters and other safety advocates are warning drivers that this seemingly innocent act can actually create a serious fire hazard.

Stations battery technician Dioni Amuchastegui shared in a Facebook video that this dangerous incident happened to him. According to him, he was eating lunch while sitting in his parked car. Suddenly he noticed that there was smoke inside the vehicle.

After inspecting where it came from, Amuchastegui realized that the fire was caused by his water bottle.

He said:

“I had to do a double take. It was hot enough to start burning a hole through the seat.”

It left two little burn marks in his car seat. He tested it again, and a thermometer held up to the bottle registered a temperature of 213°F.

It may be surprising to learn that water, which is typically used to put out fires, can lead to flames. A round plastic bottle filled with clear water can act as a lens that concentrates the sun’s energy on a single point, which can then create immense heat where the ray of sun is directed. When it’s exceptionally sunny, that will obviously trigger it even more.

The Oklahoma Midwest City Fire Department conducted its own test and concluded that the dangers are very real. They found out that sunlight magnified by a water bottle can reach 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

So yes, leaving water bottles in your car is a bad idea.

Watch the video here:

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