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Watch What Happens When A Woman Accidentally Left Her Purse On The Bench





Temptations are everywhere, most of the time it’s hard to fight the things that appeal to us; this is why it’s best to avoid putting yourself on tempting situations.

There is a famous quote that says “It is opportunity that makes the thief” some people do inappropriate things because nobody is looking, or no one will catch them and press charges.

Stealing can be done in many forms; it can be through getting money, valuables, pirating movies, claiming benefits of the handicaps, stealing job positions and many more but we should remember that returning lost things, unattended valuables to the owners and being honest can be a very rewarding experience.

Would someone steal something if there was no chance of getting caught? What are the conditions or limits of these people who will choose to steal? Will they look or feel guilty afterwards? Will they admit fault and return what they stole or pretend to be innocent? Are there more honest people than people who steal? These are the questions Joey Salads tries to answer in his social experiment.

What will people do with a purse left unattended?

What will people do with a purse left unattended?  Will they return or keep it when there's nobody around.

In the social experiment of Joey Salads, a woman will purposely leave her purse on the bench after her boyfriend arrives. The purse serves as temptation for each person who seats next to her.

It was startling to see that almost all of the people in the social experiment took and kept the purse while one of them took the money inside but left the purse.

Watch the Social Experiment About the Lost Purse:

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It was disappointing to find out that there are more people who are willing to steal when given a chance than people who have an honest heart.

Maybe some of them were thinking, she’s already rich or it’s not that bad since it’s not a huge amount of money to steal or she left the purse so keeping it is actually not that terrible or its fine nobody is looking so it’s not a sin. Regardless of any reason, stealing is unacceptable and punishable by law.

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