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25 Inspiring People Who Finally Made Their Lifelong Dreams Come True

#9 is pure happiness!






Dreams are part of what defines us as individuals. Sometimes they guide our choices throughout life and we keep them as tiny treasures deep within our hearts.

Have you had a lifelong dream, a goal that seems just out of reach? It’s never too late to work on it and make it happen. If you need some inspiration, here are 25 people who finally made their lifelong dreams come true. Oh, and be warned that you might shed a few tears!

1. After years of PTSD, crippling anxiety, and depression, this man finally married the woman of his dreams.

2. This woman managed to walk 2.5 miles of the Great Wall after years of struggling with endometriosis and RA.

3. This single mom finally moved into a real home after four years of struggling with life.

4. “After many long years in school, my Master’s diploma came. I am so happy and proud of myself.”

5. This man bought his first house.

6. Celebrating life with her furry pal after struggling with anxiety and depression for years.

7. Completed class A skydiver certification.

8. This man was unemployed for two months. He had depression and struggling financially. He now has two jobs.

9. “Our adoption was finalized today! I’m ‘officially’ a dad!”

10. Happy together.

“In their 34 years of marriage, my parents worked multiple jobs to support our family. Every summer they would fill a small, round, inflatable pool with water from the garden hose for us kids. Yesterday they had their first swim in their very own pool!”

11. It’s never too late to learn new things.

This woman has a dinability that doesn’t allow her to style her own hair. But her dad gave her a set of curlers that she can use with just one hand on Christmas.

12. This man finally launched his very own CD. He wrote the album while going through depression.

13. Lego-loving dad got the best birthday gift.

15. First race.

15. “Today, for the first time in my anorexia recovery, I’ve been told that ‘I look healthy.’ It made me so happy!”

16. First place.

17. A dream come true.

“My grandma has always wanted to dye her hair, and it finally happened.”

18. Finally learning to love herself after struggling with weight issues.

19. Sobriety is an amazing accomplishment.

20. For a cookbook.

21. First pet at 28 years old.

22. “My 90-year-old friend and I just published the first-ever English translation of a 75-year-old Armenian book.”

23. Finally an American citizen!

24. Slowly growing hair.

25. The best reward.

Nineteen-year-old Gabriel Nobre was with his mom and sister after finding out that he passed a university in Brazil, famously known for its very difficult entrance exam. Gabriel had to clean their building in exchange for free classes.

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