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12 Signs That Scream “I’m Getting Older”




  • Relative as it is to many, ageing, for some people, remains to be one scary concept
  • Despite the number of available materials meant to help our elderly loved ones confront the reality of ageing in the healthiest way possible, acceptance remains a long and slow, if not painful, process
  • To some people, however, ageing is hard to accept especially when the obvious physical signs of old age set in really late

Age is a relative concept but it does catch up with everyone. Whether it sneaked up unnoticed or not is irrelevant. There will come a time when there really won’t be any other available choice except to accept that despite grim determination and the best efforts to hold it off, ageing hits everyone.

There are so many reasons why people are never ready when it comes to old age. First: there is that entrenched primal fear in humans and in all animals, of extinction or annihilation.

Old age is somehow symbolic of eventual death, hence the fear.

Second, nothing in the future is set in stone especially for humans. As such, the need to constantly destroy or deny the existence of everything unknown or potentially painful makes recognizing the signs old age absolutely close to none. Of course, there is always the off-chance that ageing doesn’t get noticed, if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with genes that are spiked with eternally youthful elements.

On the flip side, some people may not exactly find ageing agreeable but are good enough to share their funny take on the tell-tale signs of ageing. We rounded up some of the best ones just for you:

#1. When 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. are both quite late,
#2. …and 9 a.m. is pretty late because… well, you know, 4:30 a.m. is just right.
#3. When you get excited upon receiving household stuff via mail…
#4. …or when you’re all set for a Perfect Friday date with the couch or your bed.
#5. When bending down has started becoming a chore…
#6. …and you start thinking of excuses not to pick things up from the floor.
#7. Certain words start to have different meanings…
#8. …and quickie is no longer just about sex.

#9. When pigging out is but a long-gone memory;
#10. and everything hurts all the time regardless of activity levels…
#11. So, your body keeps complaining.
#12. You start reading up on ageing, got here somehow, and then…

You realized you actually agreed to almost everything on this list, which means, you just admitted that you’ve aged. Congratulations!

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