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Man Called ‘Cheap’ After Finding Ex’s Friend Using His Netflix For Years

The person even demanded “can you please pay it tonight?” and called him “cheap.”

Break-ups can sometimes bring weird, undesirable consequences. In some instances, it can even mean receiving an unexpected WhatsApp message from a stranger demanding you to pay your Netflix account!

Take it from this Redditor uses who goes by the handle The Duff. In a recent post, he shared in a series of screenshots about how he eventually found out that his ex’s buddy has been leeching off his Netflix for years.

He and his ex-girlfriend used to share his Netflix account. He forgot about it after the break up.

More than 2 years after they parted ways, our Redditor later received a message from his ex’s friend asking him if he already paid his Netflix. Surprised by the question and not even recognizing the sender, he later discovered that his ex, along with her friend, is still using his account.

To make matters worse, the person even demanded “Can you please pay it tonight?” and when he said he’ll be changing his password, he was told “Just pay it I’m trying to watch something.” Plus she called him “cheap” for refusing to give in.

Unbelievable, right? It’s just shocking how entitled some people are!

Here’s how the strange exchange went:

The Reddit post has since gone viral and several sites have since picked up the story.

Eventually, netizens who read the post took time to share their own horror experiences with toxic exes.

Reddit user _not_so_sure wrote:

“My stepsister’s ex boyfriend (at the time) attempted to change our Netflix account password and lock our entire family out of our own account, but then my step dad somehow thwarted that.”

Another shared:

“My ex hit me up three years after break up when I changed hulu+ password (because of someone else) for the same thing lol. I had no idea she was still leeching off it.”

So yes, folks. If you’re breaking up with a former lover, NEVER forget to change your passwords right away, particularly for shared accounts.


Barber Shaves Play Button Into Client’s Hair After He Paused A Video To Show The Hairstyle

“There are not so many rigorous hairdressers like this left.”

Ever experienced going to a hairdresser and just showing the hairstyle you want from a YouTube clip or a photo from social media? Some of us have done it – we've taken a screenshot of a celebrity or a model into the hairdressers in the hope that you’ll leave the building not only with a fresh new trim but also resembling your favorite in every way.

So when this man found a haircut that he liked, he showed the video to his barber. Unfortunately for him, his barber was a little bit too detail-oriented.

The client showed this paused video to the barber.


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Man Accidentally Unleashes 250 Live Crickets In His House

One man quickly realized that having a lizard as a pet is certainly not as easy as having a dog.

Adopting a pet can be a lot of work. All pets have specific needs and there are certain things you need to do to keep them healthy, happy, and alive.

So when Christopher Ingraham and his family adopted a young bearded dragon lizard, he ended up having a really good story to tell the internet. All he wanted was to be a good owner and feed his pet well, but he quickly realized that having a lizard as a new pal is certainly not as easy as, say, having a dog.


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28 Mom Memes That Are LOL-Worthy

#25 is accurate.

Being a mom is amazing but it can also be very difficult. Motherhood isn’t always chock full of happy babies and clean clothes - there are nightmares, tantrums, meltdowns, and of course, more than enough dirty diapers during the journey.

With that said, mom memes suddenly became a popular thing on social media. They are the antidote for a tough day of parenting, and it’s pretty certain that there’s a lot out there who can relate. Here are 28 mom memes that will make you laugh out loud.

1. They could pass as a DIY project.


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