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People Share Heartwarming Stories Of Strangers Doing Random Acts Of Kindness





We can always expect our loved ones to do nice things for us. However, some of the best acts of kindness actually come from complete strangers. One netizen asked people about the kindest thing a stranger has done to them and the internet responded with truly heartwarming stories.

It all started when Twitter user Nicole Cliffe posted a random question. Nicole herself had her own story to tell. When her airsick baby puked on her pants when they were on a plane, a flight attendant lent Nicole a pair of yoga pants.

Sometimes strangers can be the kindest people we encounter.

Here’s the tweet that started it all.

Source: Twitter

Interestingly, people responded to Nicole’s tweet with some truly amazing stories. Here are some of the most amazing random acts of kindness from complete strangers.

#1. The Sweet Old Lady.

Source: Twitter

This little old lady is proof that kindness transcends all languages.

#2. An Unexpected Army Of Supporters.

Source: Twitter

Although the caller should have contacted the sui cide hotline, it’s safe to say they still found exactly the right number to dial.

#3. The Heroic Biker.

Source: Twitter

We’re hoping his hands will be OK.

#4. Making New Friends.

Source: Twitter

It’s good to know that those bul!ies were kicked out of the pool.

#5. The Best Military Husband.

Source: Twitter

Faith in humanity restored!

#6. An Unexpected Savior.

Source: Twitter

Keeping little girls safe on the bus.

#7. Why Isn’t Anyone Wearing A Coat?

Source: Twitter

The weather might be freezing but this could truly warm anyone’s heart.

#8. This Is Just Heartbreaking.

Source: Twitter

The lady knew she had to be there for that little girl.

#9. The Unintentional Call For Help.

Source: Twitter

An angel will be there even when you don’t think you need them.

#10. A Chorus of “Bless You’s”

Source: Twitter

Absolutely random and undoubtedly awesome at the same time.

#11. Because All Toddlers Deserve Gummy Bears.

Source: Twitter

Probably not $50 worth of gummy bears, though.

#12. “He Was Right.”

Source: Twitter

Who is chopping onions right now?

#13. The Kindly Hipster.

Source: Twitter

He certainly did the right thing.

#14. An Amazing Plot Twist.

Source: Twitter

We’re sure glad that ended differently.

#15. Lending A Hand.

Source: Twitter

Sometimes it’s just the little things.

#16. Another Sweet Old Lady.

Source: Twitter

So many grandmas saving the day!

#17. The Unexpected Supporter.

Source: Twitter

BRB, out to look for some pink quartz.

#18. The Best Mechanic In The World.

Source: Twitter

We’re glad he waited for them before they could drive off!

#19. The Mom Who Got Her Chance From A Kind Doctor.

Source: Twitter

Probably the best gift a stranger could give you.

#20. A Free Car?

Source: Twitter

This is certainly more than generous.

What do you think of these awesome acts of kindness? Let us know in the comments below.

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