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The Ultra Strong and Flexible Condom of the Future Is Here





Imagine the most horrible thing that can happen during sex – the condom broke. Then comes the rush for pregnancy and STD testing, and the harrowing anticipation of the results.

Luckily, LELO, a Swedish intimacy company, has solved that problem. After much research and experimentation, it has created an exceedingly strong and flexible condom unlikely to break even if you poke it with a pin.

Introducing the LELO Hex.

hex 1

The company, which earned the monicker “The Apple of the pleasure products industry” for its innovation, understands the tormented feeling sexually active people have when they realize they just had unprotected sex, despite all precautions.

So, they reinvented the rubber.

hex 6

Source: Tech Insider

With an eye-catching hexagonal sheath, the LELO Hex is stronger, won’t tear, and unrolls out into a phallic shape made of ultra comfortable material.

In fact, it’s been tested to be exceedingly more comfortable than the traditional condom.

And it doesn’t reduce user sensation at all.

hex 3

The secret is in its structure. Instead of using the traditional sheath, LELO created a latex with a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. When pressure is applied to it, it stretches in six different directions. A hexagonal design is etched on the inside, similar to non-slip tires. This way, there isn’t any slippage, and sensation is close to the skin as possible.

And it’s only 0.055 millimeters thick!

hex 5

Packaged in a discrete plain white box with black lettering, the LELO Hex embodies a distinctly postmodern style.

Just like Apple products.

hex 7

The only downside is, it doesn’t come cheap. On its Indiegogo crowdfunding site, a 3-pack costs $9.90, a 12-pack goes for $19.90, and a 36-pack will set consumers back by $34.90.

They’re currently available online, but LELO plans to distribute them in drug stores and pleasure product retailers soon.

Coming soon (pun intended).

hex 5

If it’s a matter of protecting sexually active users from situations like STDs and unplanned pregnancy, will cost really be a crucial factor against an ultra effective and comfortable condom?

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H/T: Tech Insider

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