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9 Other Useful Things You Can Do with Condoms





Using condoms during sex is one of the most common methods for protection and birth control. It’s relatively easy to use, accessible, and highly effective. But did you know that you can use condoms for things other than when having sex?

Interested and want to find out? Scroll down and read on!

1. You can use it to cook food.

You can use a condom to seal meat while boiling, but make sure to use the unlubricated ones.

2. It’s a perfect substitute for ice packs.

Source: LifeBuzz

Fill the condom with three parts water and one part rubbing alcohol, tie a knot on its end, freeze, and voila – instant ice pack!

3. It’s like a lifeline when you’re opening a stubborn jar.

Source: Twitter

You can put it on top of the jar, give it a little twist, and you’re good to go.

4. Condoms = rubber bands

Source: LifeBuzz

Basically, condoms are rubber, so why can’t you use them as rubber bands? You can cut the condom into strips if you’ve run out of rubber bands.

5. It can keep your bandages in place.

Source: LifeBuzz
6. It can be a cheap alternative to those expensive hydration packs…

Source: LifeBuzz

…but it is a bit gross, though.

7. It can be your makeshift bobber

Source: LifeBuzz

You can take it with you on your next fishing trip. Simply inflate the condom, tie a knot to close it, and attach it to your line.

8. You can use it as a makeshift watch protector.

Source: LifeBuzz

It’s perfect for when you go swimming and you’re worried your watch isn’t really waterproof.

9. Need a bonfire for your camp? Worry not!

Your trusty ol’ condoms to the rescue!

There you have it, folks. These hacks are pretty unconventional (gross, even) but useful. Let us know if you tried them yourself! Share your experience in the comments section.

H/T: Life Buzz

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