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How ‘Condom Snorting’ Challenge Escalated Into A Pro-Gun Argument

The generation who push for gun control also does this challenge.


Just a few days ago, we’ve written about the condom challenge. To sum it up, it is a viral challenge that involves inhaling a condom through a nostril and it should be pulled out through the mouth.

Like any other viral challenges out there, teens actually do it in order to get likes and views on social media. Despite the obvious health risk, some teens still go for it just to get their 15 minutes of fame on the internet.

Here’s how the challenge works – the condom is inhaled through the nose and then pulled through the mouth

Some netizens reacted to this by relating how the generation today think and surprisingly, the issue of gun control resurfaced.

Following the shootings that happened in Florida, teens have been protesting about the regulation of guns. So now Americans are questioning this generation’s line of thinking, saying that the same people who push gun control are the ones doing these challenges.

It is a good thing that teenagers are more aware and have more say now when it comes to the happenings in their communities. However, with viral challenges like this that poses doubts with their critical thinking, it is hard to justify that they are well-informed about what’s happening around them.

“It’s seriously time to raise the voting age.”

On the other hand, there are some netizens who shared that the condom challenge was actually viral some years ago and that it is just being brought up now by the supporters of anti-gun control movement in order to destroy the credibility of the teens pushing it.

Being politically and socially woke is one thing, but being mindful of your own health is another.


CCTV Footage Captures Moment Child Is Almost Crushed By Chest Of Drawers

Is your furniture safe for kids?

If you have kids at home and your house is not child-proof yet, this should make you go over every inch of your home and work on it. Surely, you wouldn't want your kids to die just because of your drawers.

A CCTV footage has emerged showing how easily an unattended child can pull over a chest of drawers. The first part of the video shows the child playing with the drawers in the room, sliding each drawer in and out.

There was another kid in the room and there were no adults in sight.

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Funny Dad Trolls Daughter’s Engagement Photo and Wins The Internet

“My dad had other ideas.”

Nevada couple Levi Bliss and Allison Barron had been dating for over two years when Levi decided to finally pop the big question. As Levi dropped on one knee, the romantic moment took an unexpectedly hilarious turn when someone else showed up. It was Allison’s dad Jake holding a big sign with two words written – “Say No”.

Unknown to the couple, Jake had been at the top of the hill waiting for them and he wanted to be a part of their engagement in a funny way. And what he did eventually broke the internet.

Jake totally stole the scene!

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Drunk Hit-and-Run Driver Realizes Victims He Left To Die Were His Wife And Son

The man was horrified to learn he had killed his son.

A man who was apprehended by police for a hit-and-run case got the shock of his life when he learned that his victims were actually his wife and their young son. The suspect, only known by his surname Zhang, didn't bother to stop and help the victims when he crashed into them one night at 10:30 p.m. in Zibo, Shandong Province in China.

According to reports, Zhang's wife was driving her scooter at night with their son when the drunk driver hit them. Witnesses who saw the woman and her child injured on the dark, quiet road then called the police and an ambulance for help.

Police caught Zhang later that night and took him to the scene of the accident.

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