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Two Women Tried To Use $1 Million Bill At Dollar Store




  • Two women have been confronted by authorities after attempting to spend a fake $1 million bill at a dollar store in Maryville, Tennessee.
  • According to reports, Amanda McCormick, one of the women, got the bill from a church and she was trying to buy items and gift cards for the homeless.
  • The two were released without any charge but were permanently banned from visiting the store.

Two women recently made headlines after getting caught trying to spend a fake a 1 million dollar bill at a dollar store in Maryville, Tennessee. The duo reportedly visited the Dollar General store last April 5 and they were trying to buy several items and gift cards using the counterfeit money.

Naturally, a store employee easily recognized it as a fake since $1 million bills do not exist in the United States. Deputies from the Blount County Sheriff were immediately alerted about the “suspicious incident.” Investigators arrived at the stop around 10 o’clock in the morning.

Amanda McCormick, one of the suspects, said that she got the $1 million bill “in the mail from a church,” although she refused to provide details about the church. Meanwhile, the other woman said she only joined McCormick to run errands and had no idea about the whole thing.

McCormick, who is 39 years old, also claimed that she was purchasing the gift cards as a gift for homeless people.

The two were not charged of any crime and were eventually released, although authorities issued a “verbal no trespass warning prohibiting them from coming back to the Dollar General store,” a report said.

Deputies also took the $1 million bill as evidence.

According to the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, the largest U.S. note ever printed was a $10,000 bill. They were originally issued in 1945 – along with denominations $500, $1,000, and $5,000 – but were discontinued by 1969 “due to lack of use.”

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