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Kindergarten Class Surprises Deaf Custodian By Learning To Sign ‘Happy Birthday’





This might be the cutest birthday greeting you’ll see today. The adorable kindergarten students at a Tennessee elementary decided to surprise their hearing-impaired custodian by singing “Happy Birthday” for him. However, the surprise got better as they began to sign their greeting along with their song.

James Anthony has worked for Hickerson Elementary for several years. The hard-working custodian is partially deaf but can read lips. Although he didn’t have anything grand planned for his 60th birthday, the teachers of two kindergarten classes decided to give him an awesome treat. They taught the children how to sign “Happy Birthday” to surprise Anthony.

These kindergarteners are giving Anthony one of the best surprises of his life.

The video was posted on Hickerson Elementary’s Facebook page. It shows Anthony walking into the classroom just as the teachers and students began singing. The look on his face is pure joy as he realizes that the children are signing the song for him.

Anthony is clearly impressed with the children’s effort. He couldn’t stop smiling as the students finished their wonderful performance.

The awesome people behind the surprise were Mrs. Allyssa Hartsfield and Mrs. Amy Hershman, the teachers of the two classes. Teacher aide Shelly Lucas and school nurse Angela Ridner also made sure that the children perfected their signing for the beloved custodian.

The look on Anthony’s face is definitely priceless.

People couldn’t get enough of the awesome birthday surprise. However, they all agreed that Anthony deserved the wonderful gift for being such a great friend to the kids of Hickerson Elementary.

“He played pick up ball with us every time the high school gym was open! We have been friends for a long long time and I miss him so very much! Happy Birthday my friend! You will always hold a special place in my heart! We have shared some special moments just talking about anything and everything! Awesome awesome man! Great job kids!” a former student wrote.

We certainly hope Anthony had a great birthday and kudos to the kindergarten class for making his day.

Watch the awesome full video below:

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