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Tips on How to Protect Your “Locked” Luggage from Tampering and Theft





Most of us are aware that we should protect our belongings and keep our luggage securely closed inside the airport since we are the ones responsible for our own possessions.

Many travellers believe that they are not allowed to use a lock for their baggage because of the airport screening process; however, we can still lock it provided that we follow the Transportation Security Administration regulations.

Unlocked luggage can be opened by a stranger; they can steal your valuable possessions or perhaps place illegal substance or objects inside. Remember that, you are accountable for the contents of your own luggage even if you are innocent and a victim of baggage tampering.

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However, even if we lock our luggage; there’s still a way to open it without destroying or leaving a trace that it has been opened. Someone can use a pen to jab the zipper of the luggage to open, they can also drag the zipper back to the other end to close without destroying it.

To avoid being a victim of theft or implant of illegal items, you should keep an eye on your belongings at all times. You should never leave your bags unattended nor ask a stranger to look after your belongings, do not trust.

Do not receive or carry items from people you don’t know, never accept anything most especially if you are not the one who packed it; you never know what’s inside. Remember that there have been a lot of cases wherein innocent people are victims of this kind of modus and where sent to jail.

Watch the Importance of a Baggage Wrapping Service:

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To avoid baggage damage or theft, you can also avail the airport’s baggage wrapping service. This way, it will be harder for someone to open your luggage since it will require time and more effort.

Also, its best to use a luggage with TSA approved locks; these luggages can easily be purchased in retail stores and malls. TSA authorities have a master key to use for them to access a luggage they find suspicious. This will eliminate the need for them to destroy the lock of your luggage in case they need to thoroughly inspect your belongings.

Most importantly, never put your important documents such as passports, cash, credit cards, keys, important files, jewelries, cameras, laptops and other valuables in your check in luggage. Always carry them with you because accidents happen at times like you lose your luggage along the way, have a broken zipper upon claiming it or became a victim of theft or tampering.

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Remember that the most significant thing to know is how to protect your belongings from bad people because the best thieves know the sharpest move but of course you don’t have to be paranoid or suspicious every single time at the airport, just be observant and smart enough to not make it easy for anyone to tamper your luggage.

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