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Smuggler Caught In Airport Hiding Gold Bars In His Butt




  • Security officials have spotted a man, walking strangely in an airport.
  • They later discovered that the man was “concealing” gold bars “in his rectum.”
  • It was learned that the smuggler tried pulling the crazy stunt, all in an attempt to avoid paying the required taxes.

An Indian man has been stopped by officials in the airport after they spotted him walking strangely. It was later found out that he was actually hiding some gold bars in his bum.

The man, who was left unnamed by authorities, arrived on a Go Air Dubai-Kerala flight. He was immediately approached by the security and Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officers when they noticed his unusual way of walking. They took him to a secure area and much to their surprise, they discovered he had several gold bars in his rear end – which weighed a total of 1,470 grams in compound form.

All this hassle just to save some money!

Apparently, the man was trying to bring the bars into Kannur International Airport without having to pay 18% tax for them.

In a Facebook post by AIU, we read:

“AIU Kannur seized 1470gm gold in compound form (1316gm extracted) from a passenger who arrived from Dubai by flight G8 4013. The gold was concealed in his rectum.”

Photos of the seized gold bars were shared online and naturally, the story went viral.

Most netizens couldn’t help but feel grossed out about the stunt while others also wondered how the man was able to fit all the gold bars in his bum because it looks, well, very uncomfortable to do that.

Considering the quantity and weight pf the smuggled bars, it’s easy to imagine how he was probably in constant pain while walking around the airport, right?

Some people would really do crazy things just to escape taxes!

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