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China Extends Ban On Foreign Visitors From 8 More Countries To Prevent Covid-19 Spread




  • China is extending its ban on foreign visitors from 8 different countries namely Bangladesh, Ethiopia, France, India, Italy, Nigeria, Russia and Ukraine.
  • Authorities say that the suspension is a “temporary response necessitated by the current situation of Covid-19.”
  • Before this, China has also banned those coming from Britain, Belgium, and the Philippines.

To further prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country, China has announced that they will continue to ban the entry of foreign visitors from eight additional countries. Advisories regarding this policy has been shared on Chinese embassy websites last Thursday for different countries such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, France, India, Italy, Nigeria, Russia and Ukraine.

According to the issued statements, the travel suspensions are seen as a “temporary response necessitated by the current situation of Covid-19”. Meanwhile, the foreign ministry of China addedd that the move is “reasonable and in line with international practices.”

Interestingly, the top two countries with the biggest number of covid-19 infections 0 namely the United States and Brazil – are both not included in the current restrictions.

China, however, has said that U.S. visitors are required to submit a nucleic acid test and blood test before being allowed to travel to the country.

A post on Beijing’s health commission website also tells the public that the “epidemic situation abroad is still in a high-incidence situation, and imported confirmed cases occur from time to time”.

Previously, China has likewise banned tourists from 3 virus-hit countries namely Belgium, Britain, and the Philippines.

In a CNBC report dated November 5, we read:

“The rejection of non-Chinese travelers from Britain came as England entered a month-long lockdown starting Thursday.

“Britain’s death toll is the highest in Europe and it is grappling with more than 20,000 new coronavirus cases a day.

“Belgium has Europe’s highest per capita number of new confirmed cases, while the Philippines has the second-highest number of infections and deaths in Southeast Asia after Indonesia.”

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