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Tenants Left Their Mess in Old Apartment So Landlord Dumps Them In Their New Home





Some tenants are just really hard to deal with. While many respect their landlords, others are just plain inconsiderate. Unfortunately for Thomas Ravaux from Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, France, he encountered one of the most undesirable tenants out there.

The horrified landlord shared pictures of the nasty conditions he was met with at his property when the tenants moved out. They haven’t paid their rent for 14 months and to make matters worse, they left behind furniture, clothes, trash, pet waste, and more after moving out. Furious about the whole scenario, Thomas made sure to get his sweet revenge.

After the tenants moved to a new home, they left a complete mess inside Thomas’ rental unit. He felt so disrespected that he gathered all of their trash out of the apartment and came up with a plan.

More than 50 bags of waste were collected from the house while more mess was discovered in the garden. The doors had been ripped off their hinges, and the property had to be completely refurbished. The back of the property was also strewn with garbage and overgrown foliage.

Once it was cleaned up, all the items still sat in the dumpster. At that point, Thomas figured they should go to their rightful owner.

Thomas loaded everything up and put them in a truck for his special delivery. He then went to his former tenants’ new home and dumped everything at their door.

Thomas then took to Facebook to share the incident.

He wrote:

“This is how this flat was returned to me. Living like that with three kids, bravo. Shame on you. Good luck to your new landlord.”

Revenge is indeed sweet.

A lot of people wished there was an update on this story as many would want to know the reaction of Thomas’ former tenants.

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