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Now You Can Get The Floor Clean With This BabyMop Onesie




  • The Baby Mop onesie is, as its name implies, a baby clothing and a house cleaning tool in one.
  • While some netizens dismissed the product as disgusting, others say it actually makes a “good baby shower gift.”

Keeping the house squeaky clean can be quite the struggle, especially for those who are new parents. Just imagine how they have to juggle everything from taking care of their babies, doing several home chores, and a load of other tasks.

So yes. We really couldn’t (and shouldn’t!) judge them if we see that their homes are a bit messy whenever we visit them.

Meet the Baby Mop!

Now one company has gone the extra mile for the busy parents by creating a hilarious yet interesting home cleaning product.

Currently available on Amazon, we couldn’t decide if the Baby Mop is plain silly or pure genius. The product description tells us that the strange onesie with its built-in mop actually “works for any surface.”

Moreover, we are told that it allows parents to “witness the moment when a person becomes useful for the first time.”

So now you can finally relax while your baby cleans the floor?

Not surprisingly, the product drew mixed reactions from the public as can be seen in the customer reviews.

For example, one buyer commented that it’s “hysterical” and yet is a great idea for a baby shower gift. However, someone also asked “What kind of mom leaves a dusty floor for a baby to crawl around on?”

Well whether you like or dislike the product, there’s no question that people are buying.

The Baby Mop is the same one from the book ’99 More Unuseless Japanese Inventions’ by Kenji Kawakami.

The Baby Mop is available in two different sizes, for 6 to 9 months and for 9 to 12 months.

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