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Young Woman Sells Her House And Offers Herself As ‘Freebie’




  • Ayu Novi Astiana, 31, of West Bandung Regency, Indonesia is selling her house.
  • According to the single mother, she doesn’t mean being the house buyer’s wife if she finds a guy who matches her.
  • The 52-square meter property is being sold for US$16,900.

What are the chances that you could get a free wife after buying a house? If that sounds like a good deal to you, then this just might spark your interest.

A young widow from West Bandung Regency in Indonesia is selling her house and have specified that she is willing to be the buyer’s spouse – as long as he’s also willing to take her two daughters as his own, of course.

Meet single mom Ayu Novi Astiana, who is 31 years old.

In a RachFeed feature, we read that Novi shared:

“Yes, I want to sell this house for business capital and children’s savings. If the house is sold, then the one who buys it matches me, why not become my husband, too?”

She further said that a neighbor gave her the idea about the whole thing who told her that since she’s selling her house, then why not just look for a mate at the same time.

“I was embarrassed at first but then after thinking about it, why not give it a try?” she admitted.

Novi’s previous marriage has failed and the divorce has already been finalized several months ago.

Her house has an area of 52 square meters and is currently up for sale at IDR 250 million ($16,900). The freebie, however, is optional – just in case she finds a buyer who’s seriously interested and compatible with her. The man has to be single and responsible, she said.

So far, she has received several inquiries but no serious offers has come up yet.

“The hope is that the house can be sold soon, hopefully a good husband will be found,” added Novi.

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