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This T-Rextor is the Agriculture Industry´s New Conceptual Transformers





Robo­-farm vehicles like T-Rextor are becoming the rage these days. With the appearance of designs proving the development of advanced agricultural technology, Transformer farm vehicles have become a thing with its ­arsenal of tool modules.

Hulking machines have become an old, far-fetched idea especially these days when concerns about costs of farm operations have continued to plague every agricultural country.

Product designer Saharudi Busri has come up with a powerful solution for farmers and contractors in the form of the conceptual shape-shifting farm vehicles which he calls T-Rextor.








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A post shared by Saharudin Busri (@saharudindesign) on Mar 18, 2019 at 7:32pm PDT





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A post shared by Saharudin Busri (@saharudindesign) on Apr 3, 2019 at 11:54pm PDT

Busri developed the T-Rextor, a conceptual multi-purpose agriculture vehicle. His goal: an all-terrain vehicle that can be used in farms, nurseries, greenhouses, palm oil plantations, or pineapple plantations.

As you can see, it is a versatile, lightweight, and powerful machinery guaranteed to help farmer finish certain tasks faster than any traditional tractor. This solution is intended to lighten the labor-intensive farm operations and maintaining efficiency of the farm. T-Rextor should also solve the issues related to high operation cost as well as farm safety, health, and quality.

Busri´s conceptual T-Rextor features hydraulic axles that can be adjusted to suit all terrains. With its ability to adjust to any ground conditions and topographies, this vehicle is perfect for farmers. It is also equipped with auto-level technology that allows the rider to maintain its position and allows the cockpit to be raised enough to make picking hard-to-reach fruits easier. It has detachable compartments where they can be stacked on top other to transport the harvests.

The driver’s cabin is high up front of the T-Rextor to secure the best view angle. It can be raised or lowered as needed and the door swings up for easy access.

Basically, the T-Rextor works well for both paved roads and any agricultural and environmental terrain conditions. It also comes with an additional towing trailer compartment, which can double the tractor´s capacity. All the technology installed in the T-Rextor ensures an easier life for farmers who are planting and harvesting crops. Despite its compact size, the T-Rextor has tremendous towing capacity.

The conceptual T-Rextor is also installed with the following technical features:

  • Double Robotic Arms
  • Flexible Chassis
  • Auto Level Axles
  • Electric Powered
  • Comfortable Single Command Center
  • Superior Lighting Package
  • Unmatched Comfort
  • Smooth Riding
  • All road condition
  • Front door access
  • 4×4 off-road
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