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Russian Artist Transforms Dirty Vehicles Into Amazing Works of Art





Over the years, we’ve been introduced to lots of artists using unique mediums, thanks to social media. We’ve all been impressed with these creative people who used everything from stones and makeup, to pies and straws.

Now allow us to show some love for an amazing painter from Moscow named Nikita Golubev. This man uses a strange canvass to showcase his artworks – dirty vehicles.

As you can see below, this painter from the Russian capital has the ability to transform dusty cars and trucks into fantastic masterpieces. Instead of writing “wash me” or anything rude, he utilizes the space to exhibit his creativity and even deliver important messages.

Nikita’s work is definitely impressive and inspiring! No wonder he has gained a lot of followers on his Instagram account.

“Fresh air for our children,” wrote Nikita in his Instagram caption.

Source: Instagram
You wouldn’t want this ape angry.

Source: Instagram
Plus check out this cool street shark.

Source: Instagram
Sometimes he also conveys inspiring Christian messages.

Source: Instagram

Check out the rest of his stuff here:

#1. King for a Day.

Source: Instagram
#2. Scary octopus.

Source: Instagram
#3. Awesome anglerfish.

Source: Instagram
#4. Every dirty vehicle is an artistic opportunity for Nikita.

Source: Instagram
#5. His creativity knows no bounds.

Source: Instagram
#6. Will Smith and Joe Edgerton would be proud.

Source: Instagram
#7. Definitely a different kind of street art.

Source: Instagram
#8. Bones

Source: Instagram

Nikita wrote:

“I was driving near this truck every day, passing it on my way to workroom. It was so perfectly dirty, I decided to make something big on it. It is about something big and ancient that lays beneath us and about how tiny we are in the scale of time.”

#9. The Owl

Source: Instagram
#10. When he hit 50,000 followers, Nikita did this.

Source: Instagram

“Fifty thousand is a lot.” said the artist. “I appreciate all of you for following up, that inspires me to make more strange stuff. Thank you for cheering me up in comments and taking your time to write me a direct message, your good vibes are the fuel for my art. Last year i have been to lot of places from London to Shanghai, i have met new friends and i hope to continue my quest this year. See you soon, wherever you are!”

Watch this video to see him in action:

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To see more of his work, you can check out Nikita Golubev on Instagram.

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