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Michelin’s Puncture-Proof Tire Ensures You’ll Never Get A Flat Tire Ever Again




  • An airless and puncture-proof tire has recently been unveiled by Michelin.
  • Created in collaboration with General Motors, the new tire system aims to get rid of flat tires for good.

Ask any driver and they’ll readily tell you this: having a flat tire is one of the most dreadful experiences you can experience when you are out there on the road.

Well fortunately, some brilliant minds are working together to help drivers avoid flat tires in the first place. In a Mental Floss article, we read about the collaboration between Michelin and General Motors for a new tire called UPTIS, which is short for Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System.

Meet the UPTIS, a new tire tech created by Michelin and General Motors.

As it’s name implies, the unique tire cannot be punctured at all. Besides, it doesn’t have air.

The official Michelin website describes UPTIS as “an airless mobility solution” that effectively helps vehicles avoid the dangers of flat tires and puncture blowouts.

It’s way tougher than your regular tire!

According to Michelin and GM, UPTIS is obviously much better compared to regular tires because it also removes the need to perform regular maintenance including pressure checks and damage inspections.

Furthermore, the new tech is friendly to the environment since it decreases the number of worn tires that contribute to pollution. Besides, conventional tires are made of natural rubber and plastic.

Wath UPTIS in action here:

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The prototype has since received mixed reactions from netizens online.

While there are those who are “so excited” for the product to hit the market, there are others who are hoping improvements would be done before that.

As one commenter pointed out, using the UPTIS could be “a nightmare in winter conditions” if the holes are not covered up.

Michelin site’s FAQ tells us that the UPTIS will be “available as an option” for certain GM vehicles by 2024.

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