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Stray Dog Finishes Extreme Race with Newly Found Pack after Receiving a Meatball.





We know how loyal dogs are and how they express their gratitude towards human beings who have shown them kindness. Remember the story of the woman who spent her life feeding stray dogs? Well, this is a heart-warming story about a man who gave little to a dog but got so much in return.

Peak Performance is an extreme racing team that set out to compete in the Adventure Racing World Championship- a 430-mile-race held in Ecuador last November 2014, when they met a dirty, malnourished, stray dog they named Arthur.

Arthur was dirty, alone and starving in the harsh rainforest before he meet the team. He was malnourished and weak from his months surviving alone.


It had been an arduous morning already for the team, so they decided to take a break to eat their lunch before they start their 20-mile trek to finish the final two stages of the race. The team was amidst the Amazon rainforest so they were on guard for wild animals that might approach, but the only creature who did was Arthur. The dog looked at them with hungry eyes as they unwrapped their food. The athletes only have enough food to help them last the grueling race and they needed all the energy they could get from it. Mikael Lindnord, Peak Performance’s team captain, took pity on the malnourished dog but could only give him a meatball.

A single act of kindness bonded Arthur with his new pal. Lonely Arthur finally found “his pack.”

arthur-and Mikael

The team then set off with the other racers after they finished lunch, completely unaware that Arthur had been following them already. The only time they noticed him again was when the group separated from the other teams. Lindnord and his team faced rough conditions during their trek, but all the while Arthur ran along behind them.

“At one stage, we had to take a break and the dog was totally wrecked. ” Lindnord said.


” We opened two cans of food and let him eat because he could find no food at all in the jungle.” Lindnord added.

Arthur decided to join the team and was willing to show his perseverance and unwavering determination.


He followed the team through over 400 miles of brutal elements.


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