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Stray Dog Finishes Extreme Race with Newly Found Pack after Receiving a Meatball.





The team was advised to leave the poor dog, but Arthur kept on following the team through more than 400 miles of rough and unfriendly terrain.

When the team approached a river, the organizers again advised them to leave Arthur ashore. They believed that the dog simply wasn’t in a good condition and the team needed to kayak across the river.

The organizers feared for Arthur and the team’s safety.

When the team left Arthur ashore, the pup dove into the water and paddled in the freezing water.


Due to the water’s temperature, Lindnord had to pull Arthur up to the kayak and improvise a technique that would enable them to keep paddling just so that they wouldn’t have to let the dog back in the water.


Arthur jumped back in the water a few times but kept crawling back into the kayak. Lindnord  had to wrap the dog with their jackets.

When the team came close to the shore, Arthur jumped and swam ahead of them. Lindnord thought that it would be the last time they’ll see Arthur. Much to their surprise, the pup ran to the road for a while but swam back to them.

The scraggly dog remained by their side even when the team, who were all more fit and healthy than he was, were losing energy due to the extreme race.


Arthur is now an official member of the Peak Performance team. They raised money to have him flown to Sweden for medical attention.


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